Author's Note

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Hi guys. This is my first story that is written in pure English with a mix of a little Korean. I'm not really good at using this language so I'm saying sorry in advance if there are many typographical errors and wrong grammars.

Anyway, Am I the only one who is not satisfied in Scarlet Heart Ryeo's ending? Especially in Wang Eun and Soon Deok's love story who had a very tragic ending.

I'm inspired to make a story because of the fanmade video that I watched in Youtube. (inside the Media) It was very nice & cool. It gave me an idea to make a plot of a story. Credits to the rightful owner ♡

Hope that I complete this sooner unlike my previous story. Lol

Hope you'd all like it. hihi. I really ship Baekhyun and Z. Hera. But BaekYeol and BaekSoo still wins Hahaha!

Anyway, enjoy reading!

p.s. Don't forget to vote. ppuing ppuing ㅋㅋㅋ


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