"How about a drink?" Melanie suggested.

"Mel, you know I don't drink." I said. She crossed her arms.

"Look at me," She said. "I'm the biggest nerd at this party and I'm having fun. Loosen up Shawn." Maybe I do need to loosen up. I'll have one drink. I'm not about to end up like the rest of the girls, drunk and crying.

"One drink," I said glaring at her. "After this, I'm not letting you guys talk me into anything else." She squealed happily and ran off to the kitchen.

"Lets dance!" Emmett yelled over the blaring music. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. Let me tell you, I love to dance. I wont dance with just anyone though, only my closest friends. He spun me around and pulled me to him so my back is pressed to his chest, I grinded my hips against his playfully. Thank god he's not the type to get a boner when he dances with his female friends.

We danced for a couple of minutes then Mel came back with our drinks. "Ethan's looking for you." She said when she handed me the cup of alcohol. I sniffed it, vodka and orange juice. I downed it quickly.

"Tell Ethan I said go blow himself." I said finding a seat on the cramped couch. She and Emmett leaned over the back so their faces were side by side to mine.

"Do I need to take care of him for you?" Emmett asked seriously. I couldn't help but laugh. Emmett has never been in a fight in his life. He's more of a talker. Anytime some guy wants to kick his ass he talks his way out of it.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Emm." I said. "I'd hate for you to scratch your fantabulous face." I laughed. He punched me lightly in the arm.

"Hey," He said. "I'll kick some ass for one of you guys." Mel chuckled in my ear.

"More like get his kicked for one of us." I hid my laughter from Emmett. I don't want him to feel like less of a man because all of his friends know he couldn't hurt a fly.

"I'm not worried about Ethan." I said. "What could he possibly do?" I asked sarcastically. The three of us laughed. "Where's Sara and Ben?" I asked after a moment.

"Oh- well their uh-" Mel stuttered. She paused for a minute.

"Theyre doing the nasty aren't they?" Emmett said wiggling his eyebrows.

"What? Sara and Ben?" I asked astonished. Mel blushed and looked away nodding. I never knew they were into each other like that. I mean I noticed a while ago that they had gotten closer, but I didn't think they were this close. Theyre complete and total opposites. The jock and the band geek. Who would have ever guessed?

"They seemed pretty interested in each other when they when up stairs." Mel grinned.

"On that note, I've got to pee." I said standing up. I walked down the hall to the bathroom thinking about Cheveyo. I wonder what that message means? How will he return? Is he going to like be reincarnated or something? I felt a hand fly over my mouth as I was pulled into a dark room. The door slammed as soon as I was in. They pushed me to the center of the room before the light came on.

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