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"Do you guys ever consider yourselves bullies?" I asked my boyfriend's friends as we all walked down the school hallway. Today was the second day of school and the boys already got a weeks detention for mindless pranks and swirlying hopeless geeks, nerds, and losers.

"NO! Of course not!" Ned exclaimed. "It's not like we go around slamming little nerds into their lockers of anything." Ned then made a show of shoving a nerdy kid into his own locker and slamming the door. I couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"Hey! That's not nice," I said walking over to the kids locker. "Hey what's your combination?"

"34-15-18." He mumbled. I spun his numbers until I heard the little click. I swung the locker door open and the kid almost tumbled out. Great thing I was there to catch him huh?! He actually wasn't the normal nerd size; small and frail. He looked a little muscular and maybe 5'8. That got we wondering on how the heck he fit into that locker.

"Hey, I'm Jenna," I extended my hand out for him to shake.

"Gregg." He shook my hand. I studied his face and looked at his eyes which were behind his cute little glasses. I must have been looking at him for a while but his eyes were the color of the sea. I'm dead serious they were amazing; unbelievable. Anyway, I suppose Gregg was getting a little agitated with me. "What the h*ll are you looking at?" he shouted. My previous smile turned into a frown.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Chris, my lovely boyfriend, yelled at Gregg.

"N-nothing," I replied before walking back over to all of the guys. Chris wrapped an arm around my shoulders as we started to walk off. I took one last glance back at the nerd, I mean Gregg. He was glaring at me. I turned my head and buried it in Chris's neck.

Chris and I walked away from the boys and to our homeroom class. Mr. Humphrey was at his desk shuffling papers when we walked in.

"Take your seats, class is about to begin." Chris walked to the back of the class and sat with one of his friends while I sat next to my bestie Stephanie. Today she looked drop dead gorgeous in the prettiest dress ever. The black dress made her green eyes pop and black hair look even prettier than it did on any regular day. She smiled when she saw me sit down.

"Hey bestie," I chanted as I sat next to her.

"Hey bestie," she smiled at me. Stephanie and I have been best friends since kindergarten when we found out that we liked the same snack, animal crackers. AT that time, no one liked animal crackers, and I mean no one! We would sit at out lunch table and have animated discussions about how yummy they are, their cute little shapes, and our favorite animals. "I'm like seriously flirting with Jordan right now!" she squealed. Jordan is pretty hot. He has the skater cut hair and dark blue eyes, with a natural tan. I smiled at Stephanie and got out one of my notebooks and doodled.

I looked at the back of the room and saw Chris laughing his great laugh with Austin, the school's quarterback. Chris was wearing his letter jacket and a pair of most likely Abercrombie jeans and a light blue polo with the collar up. He's just your typical, cliché, high school prep. He noticed me staring and smirked at me. I just raised an eyebrow at him and turned around in my seat. I pulled out my compact from my purse and checked to see if my bruise was noticeable.

While I was at it, I checked my light makeup. The colors made my eyes look like a brighter turquoise. My wavy brunette hair was up in a ponytail. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and noticed some guys behind me checking me out. Yepp! I am pretty much hot, get over it! Just kidding, I'm not the normal bitch type. I'm not the captain of the cheerleading squad or get my nails done every week. Instead I play basketball and softball, do my own nails (when they start chipping or I just start to get tired of the color), and I'm nice. Remember me rescuing the nerd earlier today?

"Listen up sophomores, I don't want any crazy stuff going on this year. You all need to mature and behave like adults." Mr. Humphrey announced right as the bell rang. Wow I guess class flies by when you're checking yourself, and your boyfriend out. Ha-ha. Back to Mr. Humphrey; if he only knew what this year would bring... 

After four boring 45 minute classes, it was finally lunch time Whoopee! I love lunch our school has the best food in the county. Hey maybe even in the entire state of Virginia! (A/N every other story on Wattpad takes place in California or new York I'm just spicin things up hahah) I stood in one of the four lunch lines to get my food. At the cash register I was about to hand the lunch lady a five dollar bill but a very familiar voice that I just love to hear, said something. "I got it, babe," Chris said reaching over my shoulder to pay for my food and his.

"Aww, thanks. Maybe if you're luckier I'll pay you back after I finish eating," I flirted sitting down next to Stephanie who was busy texting on her phone. I looked over her shoulder to see who had all of her attention. I smirked when I saw the name. "Steph, dude, isn't he sitting like right over there?" I pointed to Jordan who was also ignoring his food, a table away. He was hunched over texting back. Stephanie blushed. "Go sit by him." I urged.

"I will!" she claimed, standing up with her tray. She sat back down as fast as she stood up. "You know what he's probably busy."

"Busy texting you," Austin smiled.

"Okay, Okay fine!" I watched as she approached Jordan's table. I also watched his face light up when she sat down next to him. I smiled eating my lunch until I was all done.

"Ready, Freddy?!" I asked Chris standing up.

"Who's Freddy?!" Chris shouted. He narrowed his eyes at me. I looked at him dumbfounded. Did he not know that I was just rhyming and it was a joke. His facial features softened and laughed. "Your face, Gorgeous!(A/N he's saying gorgeous as like a nickname bc she's gorgeus and not as an adjective) It was so funny, you were like whaaaat?! Haha you thought that I was stupid." I rolled my eyes and playfully punched him on the arm.

"Let's just go," I mumbled as we walked passed many different tables. I saw a guy sitting at one by himself. He looked like Gregg...

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