Prologue: Part 4

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As you reach the doors of your guild, Fairy Tail, you perked up, you were happy to be back. "We're here!"

"Welcome to Fairy Tail Lucy!" Happy said as Natsu kicks open the doors as he usually does.

"We've made it back alive!" Natsu greeted everyone loud and proud.

"How's it been?" you and Happy say to everyone, waving.

Soon enough, Natsu already started a ruckus which involves most of the guild members, and you sighed, watching from the sidelines with Happy and Lucy. "Don't worry. It happens all the time," you reassure Lucy but soon, you grew bored of watching from the sidelines, throwing Happy your cloak, you say, "Hold my cloak, I'm joining in!"

"Aye, sir!"

You start fighting anyone in your vicinity.

"(Y/N) and Natsu are finally back, huh?" Gray asked, with only his boxers on.

"Gray, your clothes," Cana said, drinking at the bar as usual.

"I don't have time for that!" Gray shot back. Once you saw him, you ran towards him, jump kicking him and making him fly into a wall. "Put some clothes on, stripper."

"Nice to see you again...(Y/N)" Gray got up from the wall, walking over to Natsu, flipping a table in his face. "But I've got to fight Natsu first."

"Not until you put some clothes on!" Natsu dodged the table, continuing to fight everyone else.

"Then, fight me!" You jump kick Gray again, with the same result as last time.

"It's only noon, and you guys are already whining like spoiled babies," Elfman walked in, only to get punched out of the way by Natsu and Gray.

"Jeez, it's so noisy in here," Loke said, sitting with two of his girlfriends. Someone threw something at him, and he decided to join in the fighting.

Again, you were on your rampage, destroying everyone in your path when you accidentally bumped into Lucy and took a very short break. "It must be weird to see how much we fight, huh? But it's fun."

Soon after, Gray accidentally bumps into Lucy butt-naked, hissing. "Give me back my underwear, jerk!" Natsu laughed, swing his underwear around. Gray turned to Lucy. "Excuse me miss, but can I please borrow your underwear?"

Finding this very inappropriate, you and Lucy kick Gray, saying, "As if!"

Lucy is then picked up by Loke bridal style, but you quickly put an end to that, punching him in the head, catching Lucy and setting her down. "Are you alright?"

She nods.

"Stop flirting with everyone," you yell to Loke.

Elfman then tried to lecture Loke, but I butted in. "Practice what you preach." You punch Elfman back into a wall. Lucy quickly runs back over to Mirajane, safe and out of the way.

You enjoy fighting everyone until Natsu accidentally pushes you. "Oh hey," you say. "It's lava brain. Looks like he's got a bit of leakage still!" You realise, blasting Natsu through several tables and into a wall.

"Ugh, it's so loud. So much for having a drink to relax," Cana complained, pulling out her cards. "That's enough guys. I suggest you knock it off."

"Oh yeah? Says who?" Gray prepared to use his ice-make magic.

Soon everyone was about to unleash hell with their magic, including yourself. Elfman turned his arm to stone, Loke prepared his ring magic, Natsu covered his fists in flames, and you bring out your flute, activating your dragon-slayer magic, ready to play a song.

"Would you fools stop bickering like children?!" the master demanded n his giant form.

Everyone except Natsu immediately deactivated their magic and stopped fighting who was being an idiot. "Man, talk about a bunch of babies! Looks like I won this round e-" Natsu laughed, and I sighed.

The master stomped on him, crushing him underneath.

"You deserved that one," I say. "You should know better by now, honestly..."


That's the end of the prologue, time to get into the actual story :)

Please, write us a comment if so far it's okay. We go straight into the Grand Magic Games Arc in the next part. We hope you enjoy it.

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