Chapter 5 - Wake Up Call

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-March 15, 2017, morning-

Early in the morning, before the sun was completely up yet, Natasha woke and walked to the large window in the bedroom. She was mesmerized by the ocean. She turned back to see Steve asleep, she loved to watch him sleep on his side without his shirt on, something about the way his muscles met in the middle was just adorable to her. She always thought maybe it was because people in real life didn't look like Steve. She smiled to herself at that and then she felt a strange sensation. Something between her stomach and her throat - but she couldn't put her finger on the sensation...

Oh, no!

Natasha quietly ran to the bathroom toilet and threw up, just closing the door in enough time so she wouldn't wake Steve up. Afterwards, as she sat on the tile floor in a cold sweat, catching her breath, she tried to remember what she had eaten last night that could have caused her to have food poisoning. She hoisted herself up to brush her teeth when round number two started and she rushed to the toilet again. This time, she couldn't stop herself in any way.

When she finally stopped, she flopped back down on the floor, grabbing a towel to lay her head on. She was too sick to move and she fell back asleep right there.

She woke up to Steve's gentle hand on her arm. "Honey? Nat? What happened?"

"Sick," she half moaned. "Food poisoning."

"Thank God, I thought you passed out like this. Come on, let's get you in bed," he said.

"I don't want to throw up in there," she said.

"We'll just take this garbage can in," he said, picking it up. He watched her face, her color was pale and she had a light sweat on her skin. When she tried to get up off the floor, she struggled so Steve just picked her up and carried her to the bed. "I'm going to go down to the kitchen and look around," he said.

Natasha layed in bed, sweating and staying very still. When Steve came back, he had ginger ale and crackers with him. "Can you try to sip this?" he asked as he sat gently on the bed. He helped her sit up and she took the glass.

"Thanks," she smiled, "I'm feeling a little better already."

"Just rest," he said as he reached for her head to hold it and press a kiss to her forehead slowly. "Well, it doesn't seem like you have a fever, so that's good."

Her voice, dry and cracking, she asked, "Could you open the blinds a little more so I can see the ocean?"

"Sure," he smiled and got up to walk to the window. The room filled with more light and Natasha squinted. "Babe, are you sure you want to look into the sunlight?"

Natasha smiled and let out a breath, "I can't help it, I just love the view. It's so relaxing." She sipped her ginger ale. "Going out for a run?"

"I don't have to... you know, if you want me to stay," he said.

"I don't mind if you go, it's fine," she smiled sweetly at him.

"I'll take my phone, okay?"

Natasha could tell he wasn't worrying as much now by the way his face relaxed. Steve got changed as she sat back and slowly started eating a cracker. She called out to him in the bathroom, "You brought me crackers in bed! You must really love me... I will try not to make a mess."

Steve popped his head out the door while he wiped his face with a towel. "What's not to love?" he smiled. "I promise I won't be long."

Natasha nodded, she knew there was no use in telling him to take his time. Steve gave her a kiss on the forehead and he was off. Now the house seemed eerily quiet. She realized she didn't feel terrible anymore and the sun was shining, it seemed odd to sit around now. She got up and went to the window, watching Steve run off down the beach. She wondered how he managed to not mind running on sand and filling his sneakers with the intrusive substance. He's adorable. Look how he runs so straight...

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