Another Lunch Date. Part 45

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Danny's POV...

Work went as usual and it was actually refreshing to have Izzy settle down and not go off on those tangents she does or did have when Fai was around. But Fai hasn't been around laterly. I haven't heard of her coming back to town since the last run in she had with Izzy.

It was like Izzy was really trying to make our marriage work now that Olliandriah has become known to the kids. Not that they have a habit of meeting up with each other. At least i don't think so. But walking in a a few conversations that Nolan has with his mates or his sister let me know that he has been trying to make a relationship with Ollie, as he calls her, whenever she comes to town.

It was through a conversation that he had with Gavin who he keeps in contact with, that he found out that his older sister is extremely smart and graduated years before others her own age. I have to say that the thought of having a really smart child did make me puff up a bit with pride. I am proud of all my kids, but anything I hear about my oldest child, I am exceptionally proud of since I never got the oportunity to spend time with her or encourage her when she was growing and learning.

So, I have to rely on the kids and any information that they come across about her.

I had heard that she was knocking around with Roddy Charters. He and his brother, Jeremiah, were well known in their field of being environmental engineers. They weren't as famous and well known as a few of the other established companies. But then, they are relatively new on the business world.

I kept their details in my associates folder for when or if I might need their services. That's how I knew about them.

But hearing that my daughter was knocking around with the younger brother was a bit of a shock. I didn't know that they knew each other. But then, I didn't know much about my daughter anyway. But I am learning very slowly as news dribbles down through the boys and to us at home.

The only time I really hear anything on a bigger or louder scale is when Alyssa has to go and start somehting which usually involves Gavin Osmann. The silly girl has always set her sights on Gaving for somereason and won't let up. Even after getting arrested for break and entering didn't deter her, the silly twit.

Once again, I was joining Izzy for a bit of lunch one day. As it would have it, it was the same place that we ran into Fai the last time we met her before she went back to the country again.

It wasn't until we had entered that I felt a bit of déjà vu when Izzy suddenly spoke something simialr to the last time we were here.

" Well, well well. If it isn't Fai. Haven't seen or heard from you lately. It's been very pleasant lately with you not fouling up the place." Izzy then said which had Fai and the familiar looking man she was with suddenly look up to see who had spoken. Then Fai got that look on her face which I knew was going to spell trouble.

" We both know Isabelle that the only foul stench hanging around is you. You always did have problems with your tampons. You should get that seen too after all this time." Which nearly had me gasping in shock like it was doing to a few of the other patrons who were sitting around them at the moment. But tampons? Why keep mentioning them, I wondered?

It also didn't escape my notice that a few of the men sitting close by had started to choke on whatever they were either eating or drinking when Fai spoke. This included the man sitting with her at her tabel. He really was familiar to me for somereason. But I don't think I have met him before now. I am sure of it.

" And who do we have here? Some unfortunate sap who doesn't know what you are like, I suppose. Poor fool that he is." Izzy really doesn't know when to shut up. And here I thought that she was a changed woman. Or was it that Fai brought out the bad in her every time.

Then my eys bulged out with Izzy's gasping in shock when Fai slowly pushed herself back from the table and stood up. The man with her was very quick to be out of his chair and at her side very quickly as well. Maybe it was the fact that she looked like she was several months pregnant at the moment. I couldn't help but think if this is what she would have looked like with Ollie.

" Hello. We haven't met. I'm Jeremiah Charters." The man suddenly said which cleared up the small mystery of who he was. I accepted the handsake that he offered to me as I looked up at the taller man.

" Danny Cowen. This is my wife Isabelle." I said by way of an introduction to him. Izzy looked like she had sucked on a prune for some reason. I am really going to have to talk to her about this. She can't keep throwing slurs against Fai like this everytime she sees her. It's getting to be old and annoying. Like an old ingrown blackhead that won't pop out.

" I can tell. Your oldest daughter looks just like you. You must be very proud of her." Jeremiah Charters suddenly said to me which had me blinking. He knew my daughter, Ollie. But then, of course he would. I also noticed that he moved much closer to Fai than before.

" You know my daughter?" I murmured knowing the answer.

Then Izzy stupidly interrupted again as she has a habit of doing.

" Of course he doesn't know Alyssa. He has never met the girl." I really think she is an idiot. She throws out the most stupidest of thoughts without thinking.

" I think Danny was asking about his firstborn. His oldest daughter. You know the one. She's older than yours, Izzy. He was asking if Jeremiah knew Olliandriah. And yes, he does. He remembers the very first meeting he had with her. Don't you, Love?" Fai went on to say as she and Jeremiah sort of looked at her with a smirk on their faces.

" Always, my Dear. I will never forget it. She is stunningly amazing. A very beautiful young lady." Jeremiah was saying as he looked down at Fai. I think I can easily say and would be right that they love each other.

I think I felt a bittersweet feeling when I realised that and it made me feel really said at what I finally realised. I had still loved Fai all this time and that's why I never gave Izzy a chance before.

I was waiting for my friend Fai to come back. What a stupid screwed up feeling this has been all these years waiting when I should have realised years ago what Fai said. It was over for us the moment she found out that I had sex with Izzy. But I was blind to that fact and totally ignored it. It was something I can not do any longer as I glanced at my wife.

Underneath that hard cruel exterior was a very sad and fragile woman. A woman who has been letting me know for years that she has changed... and I ignored her too.

" If you will excuse us. We have another appointment to attend to. I must see that the mother of our unborn child is taken care of. A responsibility that I take very seriously when caring for the woman I love. So, if you will excuse us." Jeremiah Charters was saying as he leant down and picked up Fai's bag and after slinging it over his shoulder, he took Fai by the elbow and guided her out from behind the table and past us towards the door nodding to me on his way passed keeping a hand gently placed at Fai's back.

" And for gods sake, will you please change that brand of tampons. They bloodywell stink, Izzy." Fai growled out with a bit of a sniff which caused all sorts of sniffing to happen when she didn't say it that quietly.

Izzy stood there for a moment clenching her fists before she slowly turned and looked up at me as I looked down at her and waited for her to throw her usual hissy fit before walking out.

But she surprised me by stepping forward and sitting down in the same seat that Fai had been sitting in. Then she waved her hand to the opposite seat for my to join her.

" That went a lot better than the last time, don't you think?" She said as she stacked the dishes of the other couples meal in one pile and looked up to wave to the server and called her forward.

I wasn't going to say a word. Not yet. But it was really irking me when I still could hear a few sniffs happening around us. But Izzy just ignored them all.

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