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"We reached 100 pages!!!" Luna yells and all the animatronics and people rush out

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"We reached 100 pages!!!" Luna yells and all the animatronics and people rush out.

"REALLY!! LUNA YOU HAD BETTER NOT BE TEASING ME!!" Springtrap said to her.

*Luna points to the computer and all the animatronics rush to it and cheer in happiness*

"YAYYYYYY!!!!" They all scream and get decorations to celebrate.

Everyone grabs celebration stuff and have a huge party. Most of the animatronics were dancing. Mike, Jeremy and Vincent were teaching Balloon Boy how to dance good. Springtrap and Bonnie just sat and talked through out the night. Marinette, Luna and Funtime Foxy were being the DJs and were putting on cool songs. Shadow, Era and Origami Cat were watching how some people danced because they didn't know how to do it themselves, but kept laughing at their horrible serious looks. Foxy and Ash were discussing good ideas for an anime. Plushtrap was teaching Golden Freddy how to have fun by throwing Pizza at Nightmare Mangle who was really angry and chased Plushtrap away. Nightmare and Ballora were sitting together wrapped in each others arms and Nightmare quickly locked his stomach up with a lock and key. Lolbit was playing with a plane that kept chasing Nightmare Bonnie which made her laugh until he finally asked her out to dance. Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare Mangle were hugging behind the stage so only Marinette, Luna and Funtime Foxy saw them. For the occasion Nightmare Fredbear had made Origami Dog for Origami Cat and the two sat with Shadow and Era. Mangle watched Freddy and Chica dance which made her sad because the one she wanted to dance with wasn't here, she saw Grim in the crowd who waved to her and motioned for her to come down. She ran right up to him and hugged him and the two danced together. 

The part ended at 5am but the animatronics quickly cleaned up just as Luna stole one of Springtrap's weapons.

"Luna get back here y-" 6am.

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