“Here we are” exclaims dad as we reach DowNTowN, Ryan’s restaurant.

“Thanks dad” I say and get out of his truck.

“Do you want me to pick you up later?” he asks as I shut the door of the car.

“No that’s okay as I have to go to Cardie’s which is just a few blocks from here. And I’ll drive back home with Charlotte” I say.

He nods and leaves. I turn around to find myself standing outside Ryan Devon’s restaurant DowNTowN. Ryan and I were the same age. I knew him since freshman year. His father Antony Devon had moved to Bradford from Vienna, Italy when Ryan was 10. He has a younger brother Cam who’s 2 years younger to him. Antony Devon was into the food business and owned 5 restaurants and 2 coffee shops in England, DowNTowN being one of them. Ryan was taking a year off from college and so he was working at the restaurant under his dad while Cam was in school, junior year. Antony Devon wanted both his sons to take over his business in future.

I walk in to find Ryan with his back towards me. He was clad in a white button up shirt with sleeves folded up till his elbow and a pair of blue jeans. I notice that his brown hair had grown a little since I’d last seen him. He had a book in his left hand and a pen in his right hand, it looked like he was counting the number of coffee boxes placed on the shelf.

“Uhm.. Excuse me can I have a cheese sandwich please?”

I clear my throat and speak.

“Just a minute ma’am” he says still backing me.

“O sweet lord!! Am I dreaming or is The Eliza Sheffield actually standing in my modest restaurant” he says shocked as he turns.

“Hello to you too Ryan” I say as I laugh.

He comes around the counter and pulls me in a hug.

“Seriously, how long has it been? One year??” he asks as he lets me go.

“Ten months actually” I say.

“You look good” he says as he takes in my attire.

“Well you too don’t look so bad yourself Ryan Christopher Devon” I say as I pull his cheek and get a playful scowl in return.

We occupy one of the tables in the restaurant and chat over sandwiches and coffee. It feels nice to catch up with each other and talk about old times.

“I know it’s been a long night but now I’m here it’s alright,

I don’t mind walking in your shoes,

We’ll take each step together till you come back to centre,

You know that I know the real you.”

My phone blares in the quiet restaurant and I quickly search through my bag to get hold of it. As soon as I remove it out of my bag I see Charlotte’s name and picture blinking on my phone. I check the time to see its 12.30 in the afternoon. Oh Shoot!! Was I talking to Ryan for 3 hours! I prepare myself for Charlotte’s wrath as I slide the answer button and put the phone to my ear.

“Eliza Roselyn Sheffield !! Where are you?? I and Ari are waiting for you since half an hour! Did you forget that you were supposed to meet us??”

I grimace as Charlotte yells at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I was at Ryan’s restaurant and I didn’t realize that it had been so late. I’m leaving right away”

“You better get here in ten minutes missy”

“Yeah. Ok bye” I cut the call before she can torment me further.

You see normal Charlotte is easy to handle but you never want to see the wrath of angry Charlotte. And if I wanted to still be alive I should get going.

“Everything okay?” Ryan inquires.

“Yep.. but I think I’ll have to leave. Actually I had to meet Charlotte and Arianna in Cardie’s at 12 and I totally forgot. So I better get going if I don’t want to be killed”

I wink and get up to leave. Ryan nods his head in understanding and gets up as well.

“I’ll see you in the evening then” I say as I side hug him.

“Ok Ciao” he replies.


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