Chapter 15

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Coda's POV

"He's nothing." I turn to look out my window, the moon casting a beautiful glow on the room. I hear Anthony sigh behind me. I know I should tell him but I would never know how to explain to him.

'Yeah, Lorin is this guy that broke my heart and now he has full control over me just like a puppet. No, no but you can still date me, just if Lorin wants me to kill a person, I can't say no.'

Yeah, not happening.

"Please, Coda." He puts an arm on my shoulder and spins me around, his eyes immediately meeting mine. His eyes are full of desperation.

Crap. Who can say no to those eyes. Why does this have to be so hard.

As if on cue, my bedroom door slams open and before us was the all powerful Jared.

"Coda, someone is here to see you. " Jared whispers, giving Anthony a death glare. So I assume Jared isn't team Anthony. I nod, looking into Anthony's eyes once more before walking around him to get downstairs. I could hear Jared talking to Anthony and I so badly wanted to stop to listen but I resisted and continued down the long staircase to the door where my worst nightmare stood with a smirk.

"Hey,  princess. " Lorins eyes were swirling with lust which totally caught me off guard. I don't get why he all suddenly wants me when just two years ago he hated me. Its all so confusing.

"Lorin. " I nod my head his way but refuse to make eye contact.

"Aw, not even a hug?" Lorin says holding out his muscular arms. He was currently wearing a black tee, much like the one Anthony was wearing when I met him, and I caught sight of his muscles bulging. I make sure I don't stare to long as my eyes turn to look around my living room.

"Cmon Coda. Bygones?" he shuffles closer, his arms still outstretched. As he got closer the smell of AXE consumed me, making it harder to keep my eyes open, but I fight through it, my eyes narrowing at Lorin.

"Leave. " I state. Lorin's eyebrows knit.


"Leave, now."

I felt my hands begin to shake but I stood in place, my face intimidating. Lorin stared at me for a while before shuffling to the door. He looked so mad.

"I gave you a chance Coda. You should've taken it. " he bows and walks out the door.

What have I done?


Omg here I am. This is the shortest chapter in all of humanity but I had to end it like that.

The chapters might take longer to upload because I need to rethink where I am going with it.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed.

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