52 [last chapter]

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"It smells familiar." I sniffed a few times as I walked into my house.

I just got off from my job. A nice old lady that runs a pet shop needed some help around the place and I couldn't say no. Especially since it was summer and what else could I do?

It was about 4 pm in the afternoon and my mom was in the kitchen. Christopher was yelling at the TV and moving around wildly with his game controller in his hand, and for a second it felt normal in the house.

Even without Dad there, it still seemed as if he was sitting on the couch next to Chris, yelling at the TV with him, or in the kitchen with mom, flirting with her as she cooked.

"It smells familiar because Im making your favorite meal." My mom beamed.

"Mmm chicken Alfredo!" I clapped my hands like a child, causing my mom to laugh.

"You just brought back memories of when you were 7 or 8, and I told you I was making chicken alfredo and you would do exactly that; jump around and clap your hands."

"I am still a child at heart." I said.

"Are you freaking serious?! I killed that ship! I shot it and its back-oh my god ah!" Chris' voice echoed sharply throughout the house as he screamed at his video game.

"Lower your voice or im pulling the plug!" My mom threatened.

"Jeez mom, sounds like you're going to kill him." I giggled.

"If I wanted to kill him over something it would be because of that horrid bedroom of his, not the game." She turned back to stirring the pot.

"Are you and Dillon still talking?" She said out the blue.

My face warmed.

"Well I-"

"-because your children would look adorable!"

"Mom!" I scolded her.

"I guess we are a thing. We actually made it official yesterday." I smiled.

"I knew it was going to happen! See mothers always know. Chris, you owe me two dollars!"

My mouth dropped open.

"I can't believe you guys betted over it! Wow. I'm actually very shocked." I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry hun. The meals almost done and once again I want to bring the Taylor's some pasta because they really liked it the last time." My mother sprinkled in some more ingredients

"I'll be happy to bring the pasta to them this time." I chucked at the memory of me hating the idea of delivering the pasta.

My phone pinged with a text and it was Dillon. I smiled before I even read what he wrote. In two simple words the text wrote "come over"

I texted him back "okay"and that I was bringing casserole too.

"I'll be late for dinner." I told my mom.

"To your favorite meal? Why?" My mom seemed shocked.

"Dillon wants me to stay for a bit. It won't be too long."


My mom wrapped up the dish of casserole and I started my small journey to their house.

What are the odds that this family moves across from me and end up being a very important part of my life?

I knock on the door.

No answer.

I knocked again and, again get no answer. Strangely enough, I bumped into the door a bit and it opened.

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