Newscapecomics- I'll miss you

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Warning: this story does contain a depressing and suicide. If you don't like to read depressing moments. Don't read this one shot.

Uni's POV

'I can't believe this.' I thought as I sat on the in a depressing way. "Why didn't he tell me?" I said to myself. "Cory, the one that I loved was going through depression and was planning on committing suicide." I said. Tears fell down my face like a bottle of water was fell on me. "Why didn't he tell me? If I knew before I would have done something." I kept talking like someone was there. "Is it because he thought that we wouldn't help? Or is it that he didn't want to make us worried." I asked. Cory always came to school with his body covered up or showing scars and bruises on his body. His parents abused him and he would always get bullied at school because he had a camera for a face and for being a 'freak' like Tommy would call him but just to tease him. I got up and left my house.

Time skip brought to you by Frojon?

I got to the bridge where Cory jumped off. I walked over to the nearest bench and sat there. I started to cry knowing that the person who I loved who loved me back was gone. I cluched my knees and started to cry. As I was crying, O heard Cory's voice. I looked over to see the ghost of Cory. "Hey Uni" Cory said. "Cory why? Why did you leave me behind?" I said still crying. "I could funnily be ok and not feel pain anymore." Cory answered. "I was only holding you guys back. You didn't really need me and you have everyone else. Nick, Ashley, Tommy, Jon, Dawn. They all need you. I was only in the way." Cory continued. "Cory, you were never in the way. I loved you more than anyone else. Seeing you dead was the last thing I wanted"(As in I never wanted to see that) I said crying. Cory came in and kissed me. I kissed back knowing that was the only time I could kiss him. We separate after a minute or 2. " Sorry but have to go. Bye Uni." Cory said and disappeared leaving flowers behind where he sat. "I'll miss you." I said and left.

When deppersion goes in between love
Hey Lovers. Look, we all know that the depression one shots would come so I just let it happened. Not much to say other than please send me request. Seriously, I'm running out on plots for ships. I'm planning on making a Frojon and a Duunnii one but I have no plots for those ships. I hope you have a great day. Luna out.

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