Part 41 - Yellow jacket

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Daryl's POV -------

My mind was wondering back to the group... I regret leaving, I really do... But Merle is my brother, and brothers don't give up on each other... I kept thinking about Jess... I never got the chance to tell her... I know she's kinda with Rick but, ever since I had first seen her, my stomach couldn't help but do flips every time I was in her presence. God she was beautiful... I wanted to tell her but I was too chicken shit to do it. When she fell on that tree trunk and escaped from Woodbury... it just tore me apart. Oh why didn't I tell her? Every time I saw her I wanted her in my arms, to kiss those soft, soft lips and for her to tell me she felt the same way. That'll never happen though, I have a hard skin to protect me from getting hurt, so I don't express how I feel to people... I guess that's what a world like this does to somebody. I let out a long frustrated huff and Merle distracted me from the thoughts swimming around my mind.

"Patience, little brother...Sooner or later, a squirrel is bound to scurry across your path" My eyes narrowed as I glanced over to my brother. "Pfft. Even so, that ain't much food" He let out a chuckle as he checked his six (Behind him) "More than nothing" I shook my head at that remark. "I'd have better luck going through one of them houses we passed back on the turnoff" I pointed behind me as I also checked my six. Merle began chuckle again, louder this time. Haha! Is that what your new friends taught you? Hmm? How to loot for booty?" I just shook my head and turned back around, refusing to answer that comment he had just made. "We've been at it for hours!" I was getting tired, hungry and just pissed off at his presence. "Why don't we find a stream, try to look for some fish?" I replied slightly changing the subject. "I think you're just trying to lead me back to the road, man... Get me over to that prison" Merle answered back, I stopped in my tracks as did he. "They got shelter, food, a pot to piss in... Might not be a bad idea... For you, maybe" It was true... I was trying to lead him back to the prison, I wanted to go back, to my friends... my home. "Ain't gonna be no damn party for me" Merle shook his head, I went to say something but he cut in. "They're all gonna be dead soon anyway... Makes no difference" God he's such an asshole... I sometimes doubt how I'm related to him!

"There's a river down there, it's got to be the Yellow Jacket" I pointed in the direction we were going. "You have a stroke, boy? We ain't never even come close to Yellow Jacket." Merle scoffed at my comment, dismissing my tracking. "That's what I think..."

"Know what I think? I may have lost my hand, but you lost your sense of direction" I shook my head slightly, "Yeah, we'll see." We continued walking down thought the woods for what seemed like hours, there was a sound echoing around... it sounded like a baby. "You hear that?" I paused and listened for a moment "Yeah, wild animals getting wild" Merle replied with a hint of cockiness to his voice. "No, it's a baby" I disagreed and walked on towards the sound.

"Oh, come on...Why don't you just piss in my ear and tell me it's raining, too? That there's the sound of a couple of coons making love, sweet love" Merle chuckled at his own sexual comment, I continued on, not listening nor replying. I came up to an opening to see two young men standing on a car surrounded by walkers. I ran in to the bridge they were on and went to work, stabbing and shooting as many as I could. I drew back my crossbow several times, crushed the occasional walker head in a car door and stabbed and slashed at everything. Merle just stood there and watched... Asshole.

I walked up to the car that the men had climbed down from, which later revealed to have a woman clutching a wailing baby... I knew it was baby! The two men started shouting to one another in Spanish and shaking my hand... I had no fucking idea what they were saying but I think they were saying thank you. "No problem... Merle let's go!" I demanded, walking off the bridge as I did.

It was silent between me and Merle for a moment, it was peaceful until he decided to open his mouth "They were rude is what they were... Rude and they owed us a token of gratitude" i shook my head and turned to face my brother. "They didn't owe us nothing" I paused, turned back around and began to walk again. "You helping people out of the goodness of your heart? Even though you might die doing it? - Is that something your Sheriff Rick taught you?... " I huffed in frustration, he was really starting to piss me off! "There was a baby!" he chuckled. "Oh, otherwise you would have just left them to the biters, then?" I stopped and walked up to him and went up into his face. "Man, I went back for you... You weren't there... I didn't cut off your hand, neither...You did that...Way before they locked you up on that roof. You asked for it." I spat, letting all my frustration and anger out on the world.

"You know-- you know what's funny to me? You and Sheriff Rick are like this now" he crossed his fingers showing how 'close' we were... he was right, he was like a brother to me. "I bet you a penny and a fiddle of gold that you never told him that we were planning on robbing that camp blind..." I stopped and backed away. "That didn't happen" I pointed at him, becoming all defensive... yeah we were going to rob the camp, but now I'm glad we didn't. Merle became angry. "Yeah, it didn't 'cause I wasn't there to help you!" Wow were going to get into this?!?!

"What, like when we were kids, huh? - Who left who then? Huh? You simple minded piece of shit!" I was getting more upset then angry. I walked off, I didn't want to see his face... I'm going back to the prison... back to my family. I felt a pair of hands pull me, I slipped and fell, causing the back of my T-shirt to rip. "He did the same to you?" Merle asked, referring to the mass of scars on my back that my dad had given me when I was a child. "That's why you left first?" I questioned back no really expecting an answer. "I had to, man...I would have killed him otherwise...Where you going?"

"Back where I belong... My home!" I shouted, already walking away from Merle. "I can't go with you!" He pleaded not wanting me to go. "You know, I may be the one walking away but you're the one that's leaving-- again" I answered back, ignoring his pleas and went to be with my family... my home.


Jess's POV -------

After a while of sitting in Rick's arms, I decided to make myself useful, I went to find Glenn to see if I could help fortifying the prison. "We have to do something about the Governor..." I said to Glenn putting a wood panel up against the fence of the walkway. "I know... well fortifying this place is a start I guess, we have to make sure we covered all angles" I looked at the wooden pallet and sighed. "A wood pallet won't stop one of those rounds if there's a sniper... we wouldn't even be able to go outside..." Glenn picked up a pallet and placed it next to mine, "We need to leave and deal with the Governor, attack him when he's not expecting it" I shook my head and looked at him "Rick says we're not running, we're not running... Besides, if he's coming to us, he would have tightened security around Woodbury." Glenn let out a muffled snigger "So we should live like rats?" Glenn became defensive. "You got a better idea?" I shot back defending myself, "Yeah, me and should have slipped out of here last night and finished the job...But we lost that window, didn't we? I'm sure he's got scouts on every road out of this place by now..." he paused and began to talk again "There's no point talking to you about it... you'll just agreed with Rick..." huh? what did he mean? "What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned, making Glenn put down the wooden pallet and turn towards me. "You... and Rick? its really obvious... just because you're banging him doesn't mean you have to agree with everything he says-"

"That is not true! I agree with him if I think its the right thing to do... he's in charge and I'll support him, he needs our support! and were not 'banging'" I shouted quoting the word banging with my fingers defining both syllables. I was pissed off Glenn would even say that. I dropped the pallet onto the floor and walked off the walk way, Glenn called after me but I ignored him. I walked through the court yard and went to find Rick when, a shrill alarm noise rang through my ears, I clamped my hands over my ears "What the fuck is that! turn it off!!!" I ran through the courtyard trying to find the source of the noise, one of the speakers on my side of the building were going off. I lifted my handgun, pointed it at the speaker, and pumped three rounds into the speaker until it stopped. The alarm still rang, attracting walkers as it did. "The gates open!" I eyes averted form the alarm to T-Dog who began running towards an open gate that lead towards the other, walker filled courtyard. "T! Wait for-" I started to run towards him but it was too late, a walker had torn into him like butter. I lifted my gun and shot a few walkers that were about to consume him, I ran and closed the gate before anymore could flood through. I grabbed his gaping neck and tried to stop the bleeding, "Its okay! I'm alright" I let go as his hand replaced mine, Carol ran over to help him. We all heard shots over at the far end of the prison, a truck had smashed its way through the gate which contained at least a dozen walkers. oh god. I began to sprint towards the herd, Rick was down there, he was struggling against the mass fluidity of dead creeping upon him. I kept sprinting, my handgun loaded, and I began to shoot, taking as meany down as I could before I reached Rick. I reloaded my gun and began shooting again, I turned to see Rick but I couldn't, I kept looking later to reveal he was pinned up against the fence by two walkers. I swivelled on the spot and poi ted the barrel of my gun and the walkers trying to bite into Rick. Before o could do anything, an arrow pierced itself through the walkers head, causing it to fall to the ground... an arrow... could it be?... "Daryl!"

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