The pastor was done praying and men were now shoveling dirt onto the coffin ready to cover up the hole that was exposing the last of the one person Samantha had known all her life. Despite not having grown up and spoilt in love and affection she knew deep down it wasn't because her mother didn't have any for her. She just didn't know how to show it.

Her mother's death was brutal and savage. The end result of a robbery gone wrong. The police had done close to nothing in trying to catch her mother's killer and over the course of Samantha dealing with the funeral which had sucked every last cent she had ever known them to have, she had given up on the authorities serving her justice.

She didn't even know how she was going to live on in the apartment as she didn't have any means of income and anybody to support her. She sighed in defeat and swiveled her head around, getting read to leave with everyone that was walking away from the graveyard.

She stopped abruptly as she spotted a gray car parked across the street with the windows down and a familiar face staring at her determined to meet her gaze.

What was he doing here?

How could he even have known?

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