Chapter Eleven

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The rain made a soft splattering sound as it landed on the umbrella poised over Samantha's head. She couldn't focus on the small number of persons standing around her mother's graveside. Her mind was in an entirely different zone.

Being as she didn't know any other family besides her mother, who was now dead, and her sister, whom she had recently just found out about who probably herself didn't know she was adopted and somewhere living life comfortably with family of her own, the number of persons standing and offering their presence as condolences was small.

She made out a few people from her high school that she'd known. Very few.
Along with a number of familiar faces that she'd seen one too many times coming and going from her mother's bedroom.

Her friend, Jessica, was standing beside her. Tears flowed silently from her face and her hand draped over Samantha's shoulders offering her comfort with unspoken words.

The pastor was praying and Samantha watched as he and others threw small clumps of dirt on the coffin layed deep in the burial spot. She hadn't cried. She couldn't bring herself to and she didn't know why.

She felt the pain of knowing that now she really had noone. No mother. No father. No family. She was all alone. Her eyes tingled with the tears creeping up in the corners. Jessica squeezed her shoulder in comfort and she smiled weakly.

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