My birthday was coming, everyone kept reminding me. I was turning 17.

" You know your birthday is coming up," Damon smirked.

" Uggggh, stop reminding me," I groaned

" But your birthday is coming. What do..." I kissed him, so he could shut the hell up.

" Suprise me," I mummbled, he nodded.

I ran up to my room and made a sign. Hopefully this would make them stop reminding me and asking me what I wanted.

' Stop talking about my birthday, suprise me.' Thats what the sign said.


Well my birthday is here. Everyone stopped talking about it for a while, thank god. I got out of bed, and changed into a tank top, short shorts, and hightop DCs'. I ran down the stairs and looked around for anyone. Nobody was here, YAY! I plugged my IPod in the speakers. IT was playing " Remember Everything, by Five Finger Death Punch."

Cause I remember everything!" I sang.

I went to the fridge and grabbed fruit. I was eating strawberries, when someone grabbed the fruit from my hand.

" Hey!" I yelled.

" That tasted great," Damon smirked.

" That was my strawberry," I whinned.

" Stop whinning," Damon waggled his eye brows, I stuck my tongue out at him.

The song changed to " Touchin on my, 3oh3" . I ran to change the song, but Damon stopped me. I raised an eye brow at him and shook my head.

" I like this song,"  Damon started to dance. God, did it look sexy.

" I'm outie," I walked to the door, Damon stopped me again.

" No your not birthday girl," Damon kissed my neck.

We were pretty much making out for an hour. I heard a car pull up and horses whinnying as well.  I ran to the door with super speed. Of course Damon stopped me. What's up with him and stopping me today, God lord.

" Wait here, no super hearing." Damon scowled me.

" Alright," I pouted.

I walked over to the couch and grabbed my IPod. I wouldnt be able to hear with music. A couple minutes later Damon came back in. I put my music down. Damon held my hand and we walked outside. He handed me a piece of paper and disapeered. I had to find something, oh joy. The paper read 'Go to the trailer, you'll find an old friend,' I walked down to the trailer and saw a familar girl.

" Are you really gonna stand there or are gonna give me a damn hug?" Jayde walked up to me.

" Oh my fucking god I missed you so much," I gave her a hug.

" I see you didnt miss me that much," Jayde joked.

" Dude, I missed you so much,"

" Sure... Oh yeah here," She handed me another paper. Great we have to go through the pasture and woods.

" So how did you and lover boy meet?"

" Well, when mom and dad died, he was there for me," I looked down.

" Oh my god thats so cute. So did you guys like..." She trailed off

" What?"

" Have sex?" I gave the most shocked look and walked away.

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