Chapter 1:Sky

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 Chapter 1: Sky

My names Sky, I am a slave, and I am a man and a neko. I've never had clothes, and I'm not respected, except by only one person really, whose name Is Delo. Delo is the pet shop owner. Well lets not say pet because usually you would think "For a better home". It was more of a slave store. Delo is a dark brown haired man with deep blue kind eyes. His clothes were natural with a plain red button to mid chest shirt. and regular blue jeans. From what he told me. He lives for a rich company and he needed to find a job to connect to it so this shop was the place. In the end he took care of it so well he became the owner. The one before him which apparently when I was young but don't remember left the place in shambles. Trashed. Food lying and rotting. Mice everywhere. The pets/slaves were getting sick, but then Delo saw this and put an end to it. He mainly picked the job as well to work hard enough to outdo and bring notice to what the owner was doing. I guess It worked great in the end, anyways I am 9 years old, and my cat ears and tail are proof of me being a neko when I'm in human-like form. I have silver eyes that I've never seen on anyone. I have pale skin and my fur is a pure white when its not as dirty as it is right now. Let's get to the story shall we?

It starts with how I woke up in my cage in my human form to find a shadow over me. It was the owner of this pet shop Delo. He looked at me with his kind blue eyes as I see everyday if I'm not with a master that's adopted me for the "time being". "You awake yet Sky?" He asked. I mumbled yes to him quiet and irritably. I was too tired and bored. He was gonna say something else when the front door opened and rang. "Welcome!" He yelled to the newcomer as I laid my head back down. It was just about all I could do since I'm stuck in this tight spaced cage. I mean I could also sleep, eat, look around, and meet the newcomers, But at the moment sleep sounded very good. So I closed my eyes and fell back asleep not knowing what waited for me when I woke up. 

I opened my eyes waking up again to see Delo looking at me with a worried look. He blurted out, "Sky. You haven't been adopted for 7 months now. I'm very worried about you. I fe-" Just then the door again flew open with a very different feeling. The person seen was a man I hadn't seen before, usually it would be normal but this time my fur stood on end seeing him as I shivered. Something was different about this man. Something wasn't right. "Hey brother! How are you?" Delo asked him in a knowingly way. That moment I was confused processing what he'd just said. Brother?! I never knew he had a brother. Nether the less do I remember him mentioning one ever, I guess I don't know everything about Delo, Delo looked to me and gestured a finger towards me and looked at his brother. "There's someone I want you to meet, Sky meet my brother Vilo. Vilo Sky, Sky is my favorite one here." Delo said. The cage across holding a dog boy name John, brown and black like a german shepherd breed and older than me, just huffed and rolled his eyes. I looked at Vilo head to toe. A regular expensive looking tux with a purple shirt and a darker tie to match. He wore a monocle that was made to be supported to fit on a face like glasses and a bridge support with no other lens because it was a monocle. Black hair thats pure unlike Delo with his dark brown. He looked like a young man, charming I guess, but Vilo was very creepy. I know that Delo is a werewolf and they have nice eyes, but Vilo's eyes. Vilo's eyes were blazing blue, fire like glowing eyes, unlike Delos kind eyes. His eyes when they looked at me pierced my soul on sight. It was like he could see through me! I shivered and sweated as he looked at me. "Ah hello, and who's this little half man beast?" He said cruelly. My fur bristled as he called me that. It irritated me and I hissed. "Calm down Sky! He's no beast Vilo why are you so mean?" Delo said in defense. Vilo looked at me with interest. I was a bit scared, that wasnt a good sign. What was he thinking I wondered, just then he said "Can I take him?" I stood in shock. If he said yes I would be seeing those scary eyes everyday! I didn't like this, I didn't like HIM! Delo looked at him with a confused look. "I'm not sure that's a good idea. He's pretty mean and disobeys everything someone asks him to do except most the things I ask him. Also I'm not quite sure you'd like a 'Man Beast' as you say." Delo said unsure of it all. Yeah Delo you tell hi- wait did you just call me a man-beast?! I glared at Delo and he just sweated a bit and apologetically shrugged. "Im pretty sure I do, and if he DOES disobey me I will punch him. I have my own ways to teach someone to listen to me." He said cruelly and darkly which I was scared of. Delo knowing this wasn't the brightest of ideas but having a resolve said, "Fine, but I will be checking on him every so often you hear! Also don't hurt him too badly!" I dropped my jaws in dismay. Did he just give me away and give permission for my danger?! To this, no HIS scary evil looking freakish brother!?

As he opened the cage door I moved closer to the back of the cage hissing."Sky come here! Please! Be good for my brother!" He yelled. I didn't budge. I'm definitely not letting you give me away to your brother! he crouched down more with a understanding but irritated look. "Fine! Im gonna have to do this the hard way!" He wrapped his arm around my stomach and pulled me out. "Let me go!" I screamed hissing and scratching trying to get out of his grip, but still holding onto the cage. "What? I told you to come and you didn't! I'm sorry! H-Hey! Ow that hurts! Just work with me here!" Delo said in pain struggling to pull me out. I ran out of energy and stopped moving and started spewing mumbles of hatred and curses towards Delo. Out of all the things, he doesn't seem as kind as I thought anymore. Delo turned to Vilo with my wrist being held tightly "Over in my car. SHUT UP! Or do you want me to hit you!" Vilo yelled. I stopped and I was scared. Why isn't Delos brother as nice as him. As much as I dislike Delo right now I still think he was kind but I mean they're brothers, aren't they a bit related emotionally too? As I pondered this sadly Delo walked out the place and put me in a car. When Vilo went into the car I looked at him with disapproval and fear. He glared at me. "Why are you looking at me like that? Despicable! " He said as he grabbed me and put me in the front seat violently.

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