Mithross- Halloween kiss

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Ross was walking home to home, getting candy from each house. As he was walking, he saw and red headed kid dress as a Vampire. He was sitting there all sad.

Ross came up to him and notice he had no candy in his bag so he decided to place some is his basket. The kid notice and smiled but immidtaiely looked away. "Hi, my name is Ross. What's yours?" Asked Ross.

"Max. Why are you here?" Asked Max a little gloomy. "Because your here alone and I never like to see that" Ross answered. "After all, we are still the same." Ross said.

"What do you mean we're the same?" Max asked still gloomy. "You don't have anyone to play with you. I don't have any friends too. Can we be friends?" Ross asked. "Are you sure? I get angry easily." Max said a little happy.

"Yes, just because you get mad easily, doesn't mean you're different." Ross said

Time Skip Brought to you by Redney

Ross was excited that it was Halloween. Since he was 18, he was too old to go trick or treating. Max put a little surprise for Ross.

2 little kids showed up. One wearing a Skeleton costume, the other wearing a Vampire costume. When they left, Ross said to Max "They look exactly like us when were kids."

After they gave out candy to kids. Ross snuggle up with Max. Max luagh and went in for a kiss. Ross kissed first then Max kissed back. They stayed like that for minutes.

When they moved to catch a breath. Max said "I love you. You dork.".
"I love you too. My mad Max." Ross said and went to sleep. Max fell a sleep too.

For random people to friends to boyfriends.

Very sweet and short. No smut what so ever. I made this quick as possible, now I'll be doing your request. I took some parts of the animation's to make this story. I know Halloween just past but I wanted to make this anyways. Nothing much to say so, have a great day. Luna out.

Luna: Bane

Bane: Yeah Luna?

Luna: Where is everyone?

Bane: I have no idea

Luna: Did you lose them?

Bane: Maybe

Luna: Wait, where is my AU traveler gun?

Bane: I think they used it

Luna: WHAT? I need to go get them back. Time to go get another one. Lets just hope Cory didn't go to The Hardcore quest AU.

Bane: And if he did?

Luna: He be dead

Bane: Then lets go before he gets killed

Luna: Hold on, my thing is on. Uuuu bye. Me and Bane are going to get the NSC back here.

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