Chapter 2 - Two Ends Meet

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After at least an hour of sparring, the pair began to slow down. To Horror's suprise, Dust stepped back from the fight and dropped the splintered bone.
"You're attually pretty good, for a horror au."
Horror's face lit up a deep blood-red. He didn't understand why. Sure, this stranger had a unique way of fighting that flowed through every graceful move, dodging in and out, up and down, but he had fought many monsters and thought nothing of it. He put away his axe.
"You too. That was a good fight." He held back his exhausted gasps for air as to not show that he was weary from the fight.
"Anyhow, name's Dust. Ya wanna go to Classic Grillby's? That was some fight." Dust pulled down the hood that had been shadowing his face. He held out his hand. Horror looked at it suspiciously, before muttering 'aww, what the heck' and taking it.
"Sounds good. I'm Horror. Nice to meet'cha."

*Time skip because author-chan is the laziest person ever*

They sat in Grillby's, each now equipped with ketchup bottles and a generally less killy attitude, if that could ever be said for the two genocidal delinquents.
"So, mind telling me why you tried to murder me?" Horror turned to Dust with a lazy look in his eye.
"Need the LV, but it looks like you're more useful as an ally then dead." Dust took a sip of his ketchup. "Sorry about that, by the way."
"Nah, it's cool. 'Sides, fighting is the best was to get to know someone," Horror took a swig from his ketchup. Dust slammed his bottle on the bar, making everyone in the establishment jump slightly.
"You know, I totally feel the same way! People always SCREAM when I try to kill them. But it's just my way of striking a friendly conversation!"
"I feel ya, buddy," Horror was shocked at just how relatable Dust's point was. He'd encountered the same situation multiple times. Dust widened his eyes and smiled.
"I just had the best idea! You should join Knife Club!!!!!!"
Horror cocked his head.
"What's that?" He asked.
"It's this group of monsters and humans just like us who meet up every week to share our kills, trophies and sometimes we do mass murder!!!"
Horror grinned.
"That sounds good! When and where is it?" Horror asked, looking Dust intently in the eyes. Dust thought for a moment.
"I think it's at Dream and Cross's place in Dreamtale tomorrow at about 2. Meet me outside and I'll introduce you to everyone."
"Isn't Dream the most innocent cinnamon roll ever?"
"Dream's out tomorrow with the Star Sanses."
"Them I'll be there"

Hey, my two readers! I just wanna say I know my writing's terrible, and you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but every number that goes up means the world to me.

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