Admissions. Part 44

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4th November 2017

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Danny's POV...

I didn't see Fai or our daughter again for some time after that as much as I wanted to and I wasn't going to start pushing myself onto them by using my son and getting the information that he might know about Gavin to find them.

After that last meeting at French's Forest I found out quite by surprise why Mrs Osmann had called the police on Alyssa once. I had been pulling in a thirty six hour job that needed to be finished and can barely remember what the bloody problem was. I had let Izzy handle it.

But finding out that our daughter had been charged with break and entering with regards to her being found unexpectedly in the Osmanns home one day was a bit of a shock. It wasn't long after that when my parents told me that the Osmann family had moved and they didn't know where.

It was all very confusing for me to take in since it happened some years earlier when I was in the middle of one of the biggest building construction projects at the time that would either make or break me and the business I started which took up most of my time along with my sanity at the time. Needless to say, I went off on both my wife and my daughter over it. I threatened to send Alyssa to her grandparents if she did anything like it again as a deterant to her behaviour. And not her maternal grandparents either.

But if there was one thing that came out over the next couple of years where Izzy and I were concerned was that we became more open with each other and how we felt.

One of the things that Izzy admitted to which I never thought would happen was that the only reason that she came to visit her aunts house which was next doors to my parents house was that she came to see me.

" I liked you. A lot. I didn't know how to tell you because you were a few years younger than me and I didn't want you or anyone else thinking I was cradle snatching you or even being a pervert where you were concerned. I was so jealous when Fai came onto the scene and the two of you became friends like you did." She started to say to me one evening when it was just the two of us at home with the kids out somewhere and I had been wandering through the house and found Izzy sitting out on the back porch quietly sitting on a lounge looking out into the dying daylight and the last beams of light to show the landscape which lined the back yard we have.

I sat down beside her and didn't say a word as I too looked out into the back yard. So, when she started talkiing, I was suprised. I couldn't help but look at her with those first words she spoke about liking me.

" I didn't stand a chance. It didn't help when Sissy was causing the trouble that she was and making us join her in doing it." She added with a frustrated tone to her voice. One that held a little bit of bitterness when she mentioned their third friend, Cecelia.

" We knew that everyone liked Fai and her family. They were the goody two shoes of the area and everyone knew it. It didn't help that both Prissy's and my mother were not the Osmanns friends, or more specifically, Fai's mothers friend. Everyone knew that there was no love lost between the three of those ladies. Cecelia found out that Prissy's mother caused all sorts of problems for Mrs Osmann before she married Fai's dad. And my mum helped her. I don't know all the details, but what little I did know was not good. That was the main reason we picked onher in school. Fai, that is. Our mothers weren't happy and they would on occasion, take t out on us." Izzy was saying as she looked back in her memories back to that time.

" You were the only thing I looked forward to seeing and spending time with. You made me smile all the time. It was no wonder I fell in love with you." She shocked me with admitting again. I thought she was joking when she mentioned it at first. We were both only kids all those years ago.

" When I came over to visit my aunt, I heard you and Fai talking about the baby you were both having. The conversation was about how your mother mentioned maybe getting an abortion which neither of you two wanted. That's how I knew about Fai being pregnant." She said with a sigh as she rested her head back against the lounge chair.

She did look somewhat comfortable there as she sat on the lounge with her feet curled up under her. I have to admit now that I think of it that she actually looked really good for her age being in her late thirties. But I wouldn't say that to her. She would probably feel as if I offended her. But I thought of it as a compliment. I just continued to sit there and listen to her and wondered what else she was going to say.

" I have no idea what made me do it. made me get us both drunk like we did. I knew that it might be the only way I could get your attention. Well, I got it. And I got pregnant at the same time. You looked really horrified when we turned up a few weeks later notifying you and your parents that there was going to be another baby. But I would raise hell if my parents thought to send me away like Fai's parents did to her, even if it was for her own safety after Prissy assaulted her like she did." Izzy went on to say which shocked me. I didn't know the real reason as to why Fai had been sent away.

" What assault?" I asked Izzy while I looked at her and waited for her to start speaking again.

" Fai and Prissy got into it the last day that Fai was there. Prissy went in to a full on fight with fai who knew how to fight. It didn't take much for Fai to take Pris down. But Prissy went in for one last assault and I don't know if she intended to get her where she did or aim for Fai's stomach, but she took a big chunk out of Fai's thigh.I was going to step in and pull Pris back off her, but Fai gave me a death glare as we called them in those days hwich had me backing off. I was not going to take her on. I did that eyars earlier and lost. So, I wasn't going to repeat it again." Izzy was saying with a bit of a smile as she recalled that altercation.

Then she turned and looked at me with eyes filled with tears.

" I never meant to trap you, Danny. Nolan was an accident. He was never a mistake. Not once did I ever think that he was. I was scared spitless knowing that I was going to be a mother by the time I was sixteen. I never planned that and I can only imagine how Fai would have been feeling being pregnant with my childs sibling at an even younger age." She went on to say as she wiped her eyes. I watched as she pulled out a tissue from her bra and wiped her eyes before blowing her nose.

" I chased boys before that and after that hoping that it would make you jealous and start giving me some attention. But you never did. I was just.. umm... surprised that you still wanted to marry me when you turned eighteen. We all know that nothing could have made you do it. So, I was very surprised that you did." She was saying which reminded me of why I actually did.

" You threatened to take Nolan from me." Was all I said which had her quickly looking at me.

" I know and I am very ashamed of that. Once I blurted that out, I knew I could never take it back. I was so scared in those days living at home with my parents with a new baby and you living at home with your parents. I was scared that you wouldn't want Nolan and if you did, I thought that when you got older, you might take him from me. I was scared, danny. And ashamed. I'm so sorry for causing all this to happen." She said before jumping to her feet and racing inside leaving me stunned at what she had admitted over the last twenty minutes.

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