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"Hey Isabelle,"  I greeted her, as she walked through the main entrance hall.

"You work here?" She asked, looking me up and down.

"Yes? I'm a doctor," I laughed. She nodded and stood in front of me.

"I need to see this patient," she mumbled, showing me a card. I grabbed the card from her and raised my brows.

"Lucinda Kingsley," I read. No one has access to her except her Miss Caitlin. I remained quiet looking over her visitors list.

"Please," Isabelle pleaded. I looked back up at her.

"She only has one name on her visitors list-"

"Please it's for Jaycee," I saw something turn in her eyes.

"Where is that ratbag, she hasn't been at training for ages," I questioned, realising I haven't seen her.

"I think she's been kidnapped,"

"But she's as bad as they get, unless she was ambushed, a one man fight she would win,"

"I think her dad had help getting her and her mother is in here and I need answers," I sighed. If Jaycee was kidnaped, she could be anywhere. I've red her mums file and her family history is tricky. I remember the first time I met her. Things weren't easy for her. But I'd be going against hospital regulations if I let Isabelle see her. I sighed. If I loose my job because of this.

"Okay, I'll let you see her on one condition,"

"Name it," She smiled, relief in her voice.

"If you let me help you find Jaycee,"


"Follow me," I smiled, directing her to the elevator. We both got in and stood in the middle. I plugged in the floor number and watched as the doors closed.

"So you like her huh?" I asked, glancing at her from the corner of my eye.


"I can tell. You get so jealous over her and protective," I laughed.

"Because I care,"

"And because you love her," I smiled, looking at her. She held her head down.

"I wouldn't say love," she mumbled.

"Isabelle, I can see it in your eyes when you look at her, she loves you too. But one thing about Jaycee that I know is she doesn't like to admit she loves you,"

"She told me she likes me too,"

"Well thank god for that because I didn't want to have to sleep with her again to make her realise," she frowned at me. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Anyway, Lucinda is a mental patient here so I will have to be in the room with you in case she has a breakdown,"


"We will find Jaycee Isabelle,"

"I hope so,"

"I know so, she's a strong girl, she'll be okay," the elevator opened and we made our way out onto the floor.

"Okay so Lucinda has just had her lunch, so she should be okay to speak for around an hour. She hasn't had a mental breakdown for a few days, so hopefully it won't happen," I told her, looking through her file.


"If she does go into breakdown, you are to go straight back to this door and quickly leave, making sure to close the door,"

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