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The car ride to Jaycees old family home was quiet and suspenseful. Isabelle looked so worried and scared. She shook her leg nervously and wouldn't stop looking out the window. I felt bad for her. Jaycee obviously meant the world to her and here she was possibly dead. Jaycee was my friend and it was hard to know if she was going to make it through this. I thought once she left her dad's house she'd be okay. Guess I was wrong. Maybe she shouldn't of changed her name.

We arrived at Jaycees old family home. The police cars were parked outside with the officers already on guard. There was a fire truck and the ambulance. I pulled my care up and got out with Isabelle. We walked over to the chief police officer.

"Alright, we will all go in and search the upper house. You two go up the attic, you three down the basement. If we hear gun fire-" he ordered his fellow officers but stoped as a bullet echoed through the neighbourhood.

"Quick into the house! Remain unseen! Keep your guns loaded!" The police officer yelled. The men all ran into the room.

"Come with us Doctor Wilcox,"

"What about me?" Isabelle asked. I looked at her and saw the tears in her eyes. She needed to see Jaycee.

"It's not safe-"

"Please officer, if you let me let her," I cried, knowing that she needed this. I also knew it was dangerous for either of us going in but I could tell the officer could be persuaded.

"Stay with me," he ordered. We nodded and followed him into the house. This house smelt disgusting! There were beer bottles and cigarettes all over the room. This place hadn't been cleaned in years probably. We heard another gun shot which made me jump.

"Jaycee!" Isabelle yelled, crying her eyes out.

"Get the doctor!" Someone yelled. I quickly made my way into the room with the officer by my side. I ran down the steps and saw Isabelle on the floor. Two officers were holding Eric down.

"Jaycee!" Isabelle cried.

"Isabelle?" I breathed, before watching her body collapse completely.

"Get the ambulance officers in here stat!" I yelled, getting out bandages from my first aid kit, "Here, wrap this tightly over the wound in her thigh," Isabelle quickly grabbed it from me and wrapped the bandage around her leg.

"She's lost so much blood," I sighed, getting my stethoscope. This wasn't looking good for Jaycee.

"You're all going to pay for this!" Eric yelled. I tried to ignore him, hearing Jaycees heart beat becoming faster and faster.

"We will shoot you again sir," an officer warned. I checked her breathing and felt them becoming shallower.

"You're all pathetic!" He yelled, another gun shot sounded the room. I jumped, my head racing but I knew I needed to focus.

"Let's get him in the wagon," another called.

"You'll all fucking die!" He laughed.

"Mam please move," one of the ambulance offices called. Isabelle quickly got out of their way. The officers sat next to me and looked over Jaycee. We were dealing with a lot of broke bones, gun wounds, stab wounds and abuse injuries. We aligned the stretcher quickly with the help of the firefighters.

"Alright on the count of three," I called, grabbing Jaycees head to make sure her neck didn't move in case of spinal injuries.

"One, two, three!" I called. We all lifted Jaycee slowly on her side and slid a board under her.

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