Prologue: Part 2

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You were with Natsu, crying. "Melidia...where are you?" you shout, tears streaming from your eyes.

"Igneel!" Natsu shouts. "Where are you?!" He was sad, you both were. Melidia and Igneel suddenly left without saying a word.

Natsu looked over at you and noticed you were crying. Putting on a fake smile, he tried to reassure you. "It'll be okay, (Y/N). We'll find them."

"B-but, Natsu...what if we don't?" That thought alone made you sadder and cry harder.

With a determined and cheerful voice, Natsu replied, "We will!" He hugged you, wiping away your tears.

Then, he turned around, picking you up piggyback-style. "Come on, (Y/N), let's go find Igneel and Melidia."

"Mm." You nod sleepily, tightly clutching your dragon flute which much like Natsu's scarf from Igneel was your only reminder of Melidia. To you two, those two items were your most precious possessions. You wrapped your arms around Natsu's neck so you wouldn't fall backwards.

Natsu looked back at you, grinning as you fall asleep.

(Das Time Skip)

Natsu had been walking for hours, searching for the two dragons with you sleeping on his back by the time you woke up.

Rubbing your eyes, you nudge Natsu to let him know you're awake and to let you down. " long have I been asleep?" He let you down, and both of you continue the search.

"Four hours. Still no sign of them but I'm sure we'll find them soon!" He reassured you so you wouldn't feel too sad.

You weakly smile. "Hopefully."

The two of you enter a town called Magnolia while on the search. In the middle of town, you see a guild with the sign reading, "Fairy Tail". "Should we check it out?" you ask Natsu.


An old man walked out of the building and noticed you two. "Hey, you must be new here."

"Yeah, we are," Natsu said. "We're looking for dragons called Igneel and Melidia. We don't really have a place to stay."

"Would you like to join my wizard guild Fairy Tail? We can give you a place to stay, and we can help you find Igneel and Melidia."

You look at Natsu and nod, it wasn't a bad deal.

(Le Tiny Time Skip)

"So, this is a wizard guild?" Natsu asked.

"Yes, it is," the old man replied.

"And, you're the guild master?" you asked.

He laughed, "Yes, I am. The name is Makarov Dreyar. What're your names?" He stopped at the entrance and looked at you two.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel," Natsu said. "And this is my sister, (Y/N) (L/N)."

"Adoptive siblings, I presume?" Makarov asked. I nod, confirming his theory.

Makarov opened the doors and welcomed you two in. "Welcome to Fairy Tail!" You entered the guild, and the guild members happily greeted you, doing the same, which made you feel welcomed.

Even though you were shy, you were friendly and talked to a few of the members. Natsu had already begun glaring at someone.

"What's your deal?!" The boy Natsu had aggravated was called Gray. "You have a problem with me?!"

"And what if I do?" They butted heads, and Natsu had already made a rival.

While the two were threatening each other, Macao and Wakaba were watching. "They're going to fight!" Macao was excited.

"I don't think so," Wakabe doubted it.

You quickly cover your eyes, blushing a little. Gray had lost all of his clothes suddenly, minus his underwear.

"Gray. Your clothes," Cana said as if it was an everyday thing. Gray panicked, quickly looking for his clothes and putting them on.

"Pervert," Natsu teased. "(Y/N), are ya okay?" You uncover your eyes and nod.

Gray and Natsu began fighting in the guild hall. "Come on you guys. Cut it out," you say, annoyed.

An older girl with striking scarlet hair wearing armour walked in and separated Natsu and Gray with ease. Natsu was infuriated. "What? You want some too?!" He threatened, pulling up his fist.

"Don't do it," Gray warned, worried.

The girl bashed the two into a wall. "What total idiots," she said, greatly annoyed and I could understand if this happened often.

"Erza, why me too?" Gray asked, still smashed in the wall.

"Natsu, are you okay?" you asked, concerned.

"Don't. Fight. In. The. Guild. Hall."

"Yes ma'am," Gray replied. You could see he was clearly terrified.

"Wowee, scary," Natsu roared.

"What's your name?"Erza asked.

Natsu avoided eye contact, pretending to be cool. "Natsu," he responded.

"Natsu. Let's get one thing straight. Everyone in Fairy Tail treats everyone like family. Fighting's for outside, not in the guild hall," her mood lightened up, "-welcome to Fairy Tail."

You smiled. Gray and Natsu said something under their breaths, but you couldn't hear.

Erza turned around and pointed at you, "Hey, what's your name?"

"Me?" you asked. "Oh, um, I'm (Y/N). Natsu's little sister."

"It's nice to meet you, (Y/N)," she chirped.

"That's two look nothing alike, but you're related?" Gray was confused.

"Siblings-in-arms or adoptive siblings were not actually related," you answered.

"That doesn't make any sense," Gray replied.

"Well, I am not surprised. You don't seem that smart," you savagely said with no remorse.

"Why you! You'll pay for the-"

"Try it. I dare ya," you cut him off, taunting him.

"Don't do it," Natsu warned Gray, putting his hand on his shoulder.

Gray ignored the warning and still walked up to you. He was at least a foot taller than you, but before he could even touch you, you threw a punch, blasting him back into the wall.

"Told ya," Natsu smirked.

You quickly became friends with everyone although you had the slightest grudge against Gray. Natsu had a bigger grudge and often fought with him. Your fights with Gray were usually with words rather than fists, he learnt not to mess with you.

You and Natsu received your emblems, Natsu got his red one on his right shoulder while you got your (C/O/Y/C) emblem on your (B/P).

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