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another one for the lgbtq community. you don't need love to be justified. and for those who loved boys of suburbia, here's another one.

this one goes out especially to TheWriterDTV


Dawn Wilson, weed extraordinaire and fellow high school hipster, lover of beat poetry and recycled vinyl, become friends with the prom queen of Riverside High and all things sweet, Arabella Jones. 

a tale set in the mid-90s; exploring sexual identity, being a teen in an age where technology is becoming to take shape, race and religion.


While this isn't as dark as boys of suburbia, it does feature drug use of 'marijuana'. It features swearing and some alcohol use. 

 It also has extremely important issues of 'race' as Arabella is an African American girl and this takes place in 1995, just three years after the Rodney King race riots in Los Angeles. The ending will make you extremely angry.  This book has a major character death. (Not really a spoiler, as it reveals who died in the first chapter).

This book also features discussions about being gay and religion. Arabella is a religious character but her relations with Dawn makes her question her sexual identity and her relationship with God. It's going to be controversial, as opinions about religion will differ from being to being. 


Like Boys Of Suburbia, this is a concept-based novel on the album 'American Teen' by Khalid.


1. American Teen

2. Young, Dumb and Broke.

3. Location

4. Another Sad Love Song

5. Saved

6. Coaster

7. 8Teen

8. Let's Go

9. Hopeless

10. Cold Blooded

11. Winter

12. Therapy

13. Keep Me

14. Shot Down

15. Angels

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