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Nawsheen's point of view

"You're what?" I asked him. I wasn't really understanding the whole story. Was he Bill Gates or something?

"I'm..." he looked at me while pursing his lips, not sure if he should tell me or not. Why doesn't he trust me? I couldn't understand. I mean, I guess I could be trusted.

One drop...two... and heavy rain started pouring down instantly! Why, it was such a bright night! How lucky we are, really.

"Shit! Come on," he got up and pulled his hoodie over his head. he grabbed my hand and we ran but then, we couldn't find our tents because of a heavy mist! We weren't seeing a thing! Everything was so blank. Allah, what is that?

"Zayn! Where are you?!" I shouted over the pouring rain. The bloody thing let go of my hand, and I looked so lost. And pathetic.

"Here, here," He shouted back and I felt him back next to me. Where should we go now?

"OH, hold my hand tightly Nawsheen!" he shouted and started walking. I nodded and tried to walk. My long dress wasn't helping at all. Fortunately, it was denim and wasn't clinging on me but instead was very heavy as it absorbed lots of water. Plus, walking through that mist, accompanied with a howling wind wasn't easy at all.

"I know a place not far from here. We'll go there for the night and wait for the mist to go down," he explained. I nodded, because even I didn't know where to go with this stupid dense fog.

"Faster!" He dragged me. My blood boiled. How dare he!

"HOW? I'm feeling so heavy! You don't know because you're just in jeans and a hoodie and you're telling me to come faster? How do you expec-" I was scolding him so bad but he cut me off.

"Oh god, stop. Fine, fine!" He chuckled and bowed. He lifted me up and practically ran. Is that me or I really like it when he lifts me up? I sighed, I was feeling much better. Him? Oh well, I never asked him to lift me up.

He smelled so good. Mixed with fresh rain water, his boyish scent was exquisite. So fresh and manly. Oh Allah, forgive me. I'm such a sinner. I closed my eyes for a second, feeling guilty. But then, I couldn't stay guilty for long.

We entered in a big hole in a hill which looked like a small cave. We were sheltered from the rain and fortunately, it was very dry inside.

He placed me on a soft spot of sand and sat down himself. "Whew!" he exclaimed, plopping down himself.

"How do you know this place?" I asked, looking around. There were some stalactites! So cool! It looked quite comfy, even though it was extremely cold.

"We used to come here when I was little," He responded and I nodded.

"I guess we have stay to here for the night," He stated, checking his mobile and looking at the rain. I guessed there wasn't any signal and so I got up and started drying my dress by rolling it firmly and let the water drip down.

"Oh, let me help you," He offered and we spent the next ten minutes drying my dress and talking about how we like or dislike rain.

"That'll be okay, thanks," I said and he nodded smartly. How can someone nod smartly? Ah, I'm getting weirder by the second.

He removed his hoodie and fortunately for him, his shirt wasn't wet. I was cold but couldn't show it because then I know he'll try to warm me up but his hoodie was wet and so he couldn't help anyway.

I sat in a ball shape and put my head on my knee and I swung forward and backward gently, trying to get warm. The rain wasn't stopping at all and I didn't think I'd be able to sleep. Zayn was across me, playing some game on his mobile and I was just watching him. He glanced at me from time to time and the third time he did that, he smiled and got up.

I watched him and he sat behind me, placed his legs on either side of me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders so his mobile was against my legs. Can you imagine the position? Did I describe it well or do you think we were doing some exorcist movements?

Anyway, I immediately felt his warmth overtaking my whole body and I sighed in relief. He dug his head in my neck and laughed. That sent shivers down my spine. Even though my wet scarf was there, his laugh echoed through my body. I wouldn't complain of him touching me right now because I was cold. But all the while though, I knew it was all haraam.

"I know you're cold," he whispered and we rocked gently forward and backwards while he played his swapping game. I smiled and yawned. We chatted about random things, and I was surprised at how many hobbies he had, and how he feared the sight of blood.

After some time, I thought I wouldn't ever fall asleep but as he was giving off this warmth, I eventually did fall asleep. And slept like a log all night, just like that, in his arms.


The next day I woke up feeling extra hungry. I was still in the same position and turned pink while I realised I slept like that all night. Zayn had his head against the hard rock while I was against his chest. Poor thing must have a headache now.

 I removed his hands from hugging me and got up while stretching myself. Mhm, I could scare him... No that wouldn't be nice. But still, it would be fun! I approached my face very close to his and was about to shout in his face when his blue eyes suddenly flashed open!

"Aaah!" I yelled in surprise. It was him who was supposed to yell, not me!

"I knew it that you wanted to kiss me!" he laughed.


"What?! No, you got it all wrong, I was going to-"

"It's fine Cookie, I know I'm irresistible!" he laughed and got up. Arrogant asshole.

"You're not. I was going to yell in your face," I said, and realised I sounded so... childish. "Hah, every girl would have given me a good-morning kiss," he pouted.

"I'm not every girl," I smirked.

"I know. That's why I love you," he said. Okay then...

"Anyway, do you have food?" I asked and expanded my hands like a beggar towards him.

"No princess, for this morning, we're Tarzan. Let's go and hunt for food!" he declared and I groaned. "Come on!" he laughed and dragged me out of the little cave. "I haven't had dinner!" I whined.

"Lazy ass. Come on, the mist is gone, we'll be able to find our way," he said. I followed him out of the cave. We walked and talked about our movie preferences, and the books we loved. He read all the Harry Potter series!

"Look over there! Our tents, look, oh, do LOOK!" I screamed and jumped on his back, turning his head in the right direction.

"Yeah I know," He laughed and fixed me on his back like I was a backpack and continued walking.

"Put me down!" I shouted. It was a great idea of yours to jump on him, right? Okay, sorry...

"Nope," he replied and ran quickly. Oh God, here I die...

"Aaaaah stoppp!!" I screamed and he stopped when we arrived near a tree.

"Just because you're my favorite head-girl," he stated and let me down. I sighed in relief and we went to the tent where the others were packing, about to leave.

"Awsh! Travis is looking for you and Zayn. When he did the register last night because of the rain, you weren't there of course. Then WHERE ON EARTH WERE YOU?!" Shouted Felicia and hugged me.

"You're wet," she murmured against the hug. I chuckled,"I guess we have to explain everything to Mrm Travis"

"Good luck," She wished and accompanied us till the lion's cage. We unlocked and entered the cage where the lion started roaring. Zayn and I stood shamefully --well mostly me.


Lion is Mr. Travis fiiine?

Oh, and I love this chapterrrr!!! What about you?

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