Who Is She?

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At the cafe, Michellina was very focus on her work. She even did not realize that there some new chats from her brother and Lona.

The library is so wide. Searching for someone here is uneasy. After Lona took her time for looking on where Michellina was, she decided to pick some book to borrow as the minithesis references. After she got the books that she needed, she checked back her phone and there is a chat from Michellina.

Lona, I am sorry that I just read your pm now. Meet me at cafe which is located next to the library. The library is full. I can not find any seat for me and you. I am sorry, this busy grandma forgot to tell youuu. Loveee youu..


"I am done!" Lona happily closed her windows and turned off the laptop. Mischellina had finished her work approximately one hour before Lona finished hers. Lona just realized that the song playlist on the cafe is something familiar to her.

"Hey, it' s from swift's  song, safe and sound, isn't it?"  asked Lona

"Oh, ya. I have heard this before. Btw, I do not like her new songs. Oh, I never like her songs. But do not call me as her hater. You know, her songs just...emhh not my type"

" I am used to love her songs. I like her previous album which is kind of fairytale"

"Yeah...kind of your type, Madamoiselle. Prince, princess, white horse, blah blah blah"

"Hahahhaa. But there is one song I like so far from the four new songs she has been released on spotify. Have you heard Gorgeous ?"

"No. I even have never heard the title"

"Oh, fine. I am the only one who know" Lona entered her laptop to the bag.

"Ready?"asked Michellina
"Yeah. Let us go home"
"Why go home?"
"I have my own studio in my room now. I just want to boast about it. Come with me. We should cover a song together there" Michellina was begging, "Please..."

"Hmmmmhhh.....Agreed. But...not forget to prepare some snack,"


"Wow...this is so youu. Rock and roll!"said Lona while saw the wall ornament of the studio

"Look...this is Mick!" Michellina showed her new electric guitar to Lona.

"Hi, mick. I am Lady Verona Madaleine. People used to call me Lona"

"Mick is so great. Let me show you something" Michellina started to play and sing a rock song, Smells Like a Teen Spirit by Nirvana. She sing it loudly and very much spirited. In fact, they two have not closed the door of the studio yet. As Lona acted as a fan of 'singer of the year', she screamed loudly.

"Yaaaaaayyyyyy..."Lona gave Mischellina the 'jumping' applause when Mischellina finished the song.

"Now, your turn" Mischelina gives her guitar, Mick, to Lona.

Lona refused, "Oh, no no...you know that this is not 'my cup of tea'" Lona stepped in to the keyboard " I'd better done with this one"

"Okay. That is also great. What kind of fan do you want me to act?"

"Hemm I have not an idea. You can sit sweetly, act like a gorgeous fan. I will sing 'Gorgeous'. I am not good at singing and playing keyboard. I am not confident so I will sing this song like i sing secretly "

"Oh whhyyyy? I paid my ticket" Mischellina complaint

Lona started to sing only with keyboard. She sang without microphone and had turned down the volume of the sound system until very low. Her voice is so sweet, as sweet as her look. Mischellina stopped complaining and enjoyed her voice.

"You should take it as a compliment
That I made fun of the way you talk
You're so gorgeous
I can't say anything to your face
'Cause look at your face
And I'm so furious
At you for making me feel this way
But what can I say?
You're gorgeous

You should take it as a compliment
That I'm talking to everyone here but you (but you, but you)
Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I mi-"

The brother of Mishellina suddenly batter down the "already opened" door. Lona was shocked and stop singging.

"Oh God. Michellina. Do you know what? The police will come in about 10 minutes" said Royal Philip Hemsworth, the brother of Michellina Grand Hemsworth.

"Wh...why? What did just happen?" Lona was so confused and shocked at the same time

"I have heard that there is grandmother who lived accross our home just passed away. She had a sudden heart attack. All the neighborhood said it was caused by hearing an angry bird singing Smells Like a Teen Spirit"

"Youuuu...arrgghh...not funny at all" said Michellina to her brother. She immediately bited her brother finger.

"Oh, God. HELP! I might be attacked by avian influenza because i was biten by an angry bird!"

Lona can not help laughing at this situation

"Who is she?" Asked Philip

"Why? I know she is beautiful but i just dont let you to approach her. She is my best friend!"Mischellina made the condition a lil bit awkward for Lona. For seconds, Lona and Philip stared each other when heard to the what Mischellina said. Philip has the ocean blue eyes , and it made Lona blushed, remembering the song she had not completed. This is the first time for her to see Mischellina's brother. She used to see him on picture. All she know, her brother lived in Scotlandia, running the family bussiness.

"What did you say? Friend? Do you have a friend? Best friend?"

"Arrgggghhh...stop making fun of me. Go back to Scotlandia!" Mischellina pushed away her brother to go out from her studio. Philip just laughed all the way until he finally out of the room.

" Do not forget to close the door. Your sound is everywhere! " said Philip. Mischellina immediately closed the door and lock the door.

"Lona, I am sorry for the inconvenience. My brother is absurd"

"It is really entertaining!"
"Madamoiselle..how could you happy by someone making fun of meee?"
"Hahahhahaha....it made my day. I am used to see you made fun of other and can handle the one who made fun of you. But this time...you can not say anything"
" Huft! Fine fineeee! Let us start to cover a song like what we have planned"

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