Chapter 2: That Smile

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"Hey, I'm back." Cass entered her room. "Lynn, I hung up some posters, hope you don't mind-"

"Oh, the frick frackin' girl is back."

Ian was sitting on her bed. Her bed. And they were laughing at her.

"You jerk!" Cass chucked whatever she had in her hand at him. It so happened to be a book. The new hardcover version of the Outsiders she'd bought earlier in the week.

"Oops. Sorry." Cass stuck her tongue out at him.

"Whoa, calm girl." Lynn chuckled and ran a hand through her short hair. "Ian just came to see how I was doing."

"What the fri- hell is wrong with you people?" Cass glared at Lynn. "Why is he here? On my bed?"

"Hey, Ian's my friend, so back off." Lynn smiled sheepishly at Cass. "I know, I have some horrible friends. Anyway, why did you hang up those posters?" She looked up at Cass' wall. "I'm sorry, but those are they ugliest things I've ever seen in my life."

Cass blushed crimson, her ears turning ever so pink. Some of those posters were custom made, and even though she knew they were really disgusting, they were the only piece of home she had with her. Besides Rin, but her sister wasn't exactly interested in her right now.

"Hey, I like them." Cass crossed her arms protectively. "Some of them are from fans of my blogs, and I made some of the others, so shut up."

Ian raised a brow at her. "You have fans of your blog? What."

Cass rolled her eyes at him. "You wouldn't have heard of it."

He stood up, her book in his hand, and turned to face the wall. "'Find a Prince, Marry a Prince, and live Happily Ever After? Have you ever worn a crown? God, are you like, one of those obsessive princess girls or something? What the frick frickin' hell, Lynn, you've got a weird roomie."

"It's frick frackin' hell, and shut up. So what if I want to live happily ever after?"

"Hey, I'm just saying. What do you even post on there?" His fingers absentmindedly played with a falling-off-corner on one of the posters.

"Art, and stop doing that. It's going to fall off, and then I'll have to restick it." Cass sniffed and tried to sound angry but it came out nervous instead. She wanted them to stop bothering her, she wanted him to stop looking at her things, and she just wanted her own private box. Cass had always felt sensitive of the art on her blog, and the fact that Ian had just insulted a poster one of the many fans had drawn for her had hit too close to home.

"Ah, don't mind him, Cass." Seeing her pained expression, Lynn ripped Cass' book out of Ian's hands and handed it back to her. "He's just being a jerk as usual. He couldn't get Sarah Bickman to like him back in Grade 9 and now he's sworn off women."

"Uh-uh-uh, not true, Doc." He flashed Lynn a wink. "I only go for cute girls."

"I'm going to pretend you called me 'Lynn'. I spare you."

Cass threw her book onto her bed. "You go out of your way to hate me, I swear. Get out." She grasped Ian's dirty-blond hair and yanked him up on his feet and out the door.

"I will be back!"


"Well," Lynn smiled, "You're using my moves, girl."

Cass shrugged and smiled back.

"What class do you have tomorrow morning?" Lynn asked.

"Visual Arts."

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