Isabelle Olympus part 20

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Hey guys, sorry for the long wait for this chapter but I had exams! Anyway here it is enjoy!

I slowly walked back to the centre of camp, biding my time. I was in no rush, as I knew what would be waiting for me when I got there, more questions, and this time I wouldn’t have Chiron to bail me out when I got flustered.

I had barely made it down the hill before I found myself once again surrounded by demigods, I had to give it to them, when they wanted something they sure were persistent. The way they were eyeing me up and down with a glint in their eyes slightly unnerved me and I shuffled from foot to foot awkwardly. It was like they could sense my fear, they were like animals searching for their prey’s weaknesses. They knew I was the weaker one and they were joining forces to take me down and force me to spill my guts.

Okay, I may be over exaggerating with the imagery, but they were still surrounding me!

“Did Chiron just leave?” Clarisse asked taking a small step closer towards me.

“Yeah he did.” I replied cautiously.

“When’s he getting back?” Annabeth asked. Uh oh. Annabeth and Clarisse were bad enough on their own, here they were working together, who knows what they could do. And I guess it is partly my fault, I was always telling them to work as a team and be united, but I didn’t think that they would be united against me!

“I don’t really know, but I don’t think he’ll be back for a while.” I replied, trying to seem calm.

“Where’s he gone?” Clarisse interjected.

“He’s gone to check out a possible demigod.” I said truthfully, starting to walk forwards, hoping that they would leave me alone, but I didn’t honestly expect them to so I wasn’t surprised when they just matched my pace.

“So . . . you’re in charge for a while?” Annabeth asked in a way that had me worrying that she was planning on murdering me and didn’t want any witnesses popping up.

“Yes.” I said with a lot more confidence than I felt.

“Where’s Dionysus?” Luke interjected, he had been pretty quiet so far but had now decided to join in the interrogation.

“He’s in Olympus.” I said, knowing where this was leading.

“What’s he doing there?” Clarisse asked.

“He’s . . . um, well he’s . . . Zeus and Poseidon are having difficulties and because of that the gods wish to remain in Olympus to help where they can.” I said feeling extremely nervous under their stares. Oh come on Izzy! Grow up! You’re a goddess, you can’t be sacred of a few demigods!

“So you’re going to be looking after us on your own?” Luke asked slowly.

“Yes.” I said, feeling really scared now but not showing it. “Now I think today you’re meant to be rock climbing.” I tried changing the subject, but they just ignored me.

“What are Zeus and Poseidon arguing about?” Clarisse demanded looking me right in the eye. I knew that some campers often found Clarisse intimidating but I still saw her as the little kid that was standing nervously on the edge of camp not sure what was happening to her life, so her stare didn’t affect me.

“As Chiron told you earlier, that isn’t your business, and it would be for the best if you stayed out of it.” I said feeling more confident.

“Oh come on Izzy, giving us a few little details wouldn’t hurt, would it?” Annabeth asked using a soft voice, obviously seeing that intimidation wasn’t getting them anywhere. I almost cracked when she whipped out the puppy dog eyes, but somehow managed to stay strong.

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