Chapter 9: Interruption

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Log #666: Biology

The Core Stalker and Night Stalker are extremely similar, but nevertheless have their own unique traits. While a Core Stalker is considerably larger, Night Stalkers only appear in darkness and are far lighter on their feet. Somehow, despite the massive hulk it carries, a Night Stalker can be even less detectable than a Silverwolf, although they are far less patient. Core Stalkers are stronger, have sturdier exoskeletons, and are overall considerably tougher to defeat in a wild encounter. Both have incredibly similar physical appearances, although the Night Stalker has much darker layers and no white on its body whatsoever. The two Shade may be different, but they do share one terrifying aspect: both species are some of the most dangerous creatures man has yet to encounter. In fact, when the first Core Stalker was discovered, it was put into consideration whether to classify it in the same class as the Ptoma Tyrannos. How foolish that thought was.

-General Shura Averin

100 BPE

Rosa and I were laying on the couch on a perfectly stormy Saturday afternoon, watching some good ol' TV. We had been attending our separate Academies without trouble for about a week, but reports said that the weekend would summon harsh gales and savage downpours, and summon they did. The thunder was rolling outside, and rain pounded the windows, roof, and walls, really anything they could reach, mercilessly. Any young child would likely be terrified to death in such a tempest, but Rosa wasn't that kind of child, and she wasn't that young anymore. So instead of watching the sky's vicious rampage against the land, we just sprawled out on the couch, looking for any interesting news or fun shows.

The only show that aired at the time that we both could agree on was a show called "Dominic's Saviors", a series of twenty-and-counting episodes about ancient heroes of the oldest kingdom, Dominic. The main character, Ken, was in the middle of a death match against one of the antagonistic leaders, Tarona. Ken had lifted his silver sword and leapt into the air, heading straight for Tarona's tiara, when-

"OOOHH! Can we change the channel to 200 please, Kaze? I hear that they are making an announcement with Queen Arya today, and I don't wanna miss it!" Rosa got in my face, begging me to leave the climax of my favorite show.

I hit the pause button, and turned to her challengingly. "Oh yeah? And what makes you think I'll just give the remote to you?"

She lowered her head, glaring at me with a hint of excitement.

"What if I make you?"

"Try, if you dare."


"H-Hey, watch it!"


"Not this time! Gotch- Hey, woah!"

"Haha! Got it!"


"Gimme gimme gimme! Aragh!"

"H-Hey, no biting! C'mon, Rosa, no fair!"

"Ha-ha! I've got you now!"

"Nope! Missed me."


"Missed again."


"H-Hey! Aack! I... won't... lose!"

"Too late!"


I collapsed on the couch, burying my face in a pillow as Rosa triumphantly stood above me, holding the remote high.

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