falling for goku - Chi-chi kidnaps Govia

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Viana POV

I wake up from a short nap, and it's been 3 months since govia was born into this world.

I grabbed govia from her crib and carried her out back to see goku & gohan fighting in the sky as goten was watching.

They fly down once they saw me and baby govia.

"Hi, Viana! And govia-chan!" Goku said as he was grabbing govia.

"She's cute, dad!' Gohan said.

"Im now a big brother!!" Goten got exited.

"Hahahhah" goku & gohan laughed.

Suddenly there was a disturbance and we could all feel it, I Looked over and saw chi-chi dressed up as she did when she was younger.

She pointed at goku & Govia, she then jumped down and ran as fast as she could, she grabbed govia and disappeared with her. Goku was shocked, gohan & goten went after chi-chi.

"G...govia??" I said as I fainted.

"Viana?!" Goku said.

Goku picked me up, hoping the boys can rescue govia.


Gohan POV

Me & goten chase after mother[chi-chi] we were happy with father & our new mother that we forgot about our biological mom.

Chi-chi stops over by a lake, and threatens to drown govia if we didn't stand beside her. Me & goten turn super saiyan's.

Goten rushes and grabs govia before chi-chi could throw her into the lake, I walk up to her and push her into the lake.

"Dont EVER touch our little sister again. Chi-chi." I said.

"OHHH BURNNN!!" goten said.

"B..but son.. I AM YOUR MOTHER! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME!! NOT THAT HUSSY!" Chi-chi pleaded.

"I chose father." I said as I grabbed govia and began walking back home.

"Goten, you.. love mommy right..??" Chi-chi said with tears in her eyes.

"I don't, because you tried to kill my new baby sister" goten said.

We both head back to capsule corp, we see father, and hand him govia.

"Nice job you two! I'm gonna go lay down with Viana, you two can train!" Goku said.

"Ok father!" Me & goten said.


Goku POV

I took govia, and rushed into capsule Corp, I passed bulma & vegeta.

"Kakarote?! Why the fuck are you running?!" Vegeta yelled.

"I gotta get to my wife with our child!" I said.

"But your wife chi-chi isn't here!" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta.. hunny, you forgot that goku divorced chi-chi, he's dating my best friend viana.." bulma said.

"Oh.." vegeta said.

I disappeared from them, and walked into our room, and placed govia next to Viana, Viana grabbed govia and hugged her, they both fell asleep, and I lay next to Viana and fall asleep with them.


Cliffhanger ;)

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