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Weird day

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Naruto's POV

It was weird having everyone looking at me it made me feel conscious about my tail so I just held it close to me just incase someone get's the wrong Idea and tries to step on it or something.

Though I think I alerted Sasuke by doing this cause he had wrapped his arm around my waist "are you nervous" Sasuke whispered softly while I felt my face grow warm as I only managed to nod while looking down "well don't worry ok" he says causing me to look up at him.

He slightly smirks at me before ruffling my hair "going to my locker seeing you in class" Sasuke says walking away with his brother who followed behind him wagging his tail as for menma he grabbed my hand and started to drag me to our lockers "let's hurry so I can get back to sasukie side" he says as his tail swayed slightly.

On our way there I still felt the stairs of everyone at the back of my head "m-menma" I whispered not wanting to be here "what is it" he replied opening his locker already "I....I dont wanna be here" I said softly while, looking down "well you can't skip anymore days of school Naruto so I'm sorry but you gotta deal with it" menma says turning around to look at me as he soon starts walking away.

I slightly paniced opened my locker got what I needed and ran after him.

I was being really causious cause sai could be anywhere so I just stayed close to menma till we got to our first period.

Time skip~

Sasuke was hugging me trying to calm me down while we still had time since the bell didn't ring yet.

I softly purred while hiding my face in the crook of his neck until the bell ringed so i got up and sat at my desk which was beside his so i didnt have to move far.

The other students had started to walk into the classroom talking loudly  so i just covered my ears i see the other's doing the same think meaning they were being to loud it only took 5 seconds until sasuke snapped at the class telling them to shut up which was, a bit harsh but at least they weren't being so loud anymore as they just whispered to each other instead.

"Hey Sasukie" Ino says while smiling leaning on his desk but sasukie didn't seem to be paying attention to her.

Menma's POV

Who Does She Think She Is?

I started growling at her as she kept trying to get my mate's attention but failing to do so as she soon looked at me "what are you looking at" she says glaring at me "a beauty" I said causing sasukie to chuckle "oh im fla...." "no not you" I said looking at sasukie who started laughing.

"you b-" 

"Do finish that sentence Ino go to your seat" Kakashi says as he appeared behind her as she jumped "oh ok sorry mr. hatake" she says running to her desk.

Naruto looked over at me then starts writing something down then handed me a note so i just read it.

(*Naruto writing  ^Menma's writing this is so you guys wont get confused)

*hey menma

^what's up

*do you think everything will be alright 

^I'm positive just calm down plus also if things do go down hill we have our mates and our friends ok 


I looked up to see my brother smiling at me slightly as he looked at the teacher causing me to look forward to and pay attention in close though I still felt like I was being staired at.


Sasuke's POV

I noticed Naruto has been acting causious and scared the whole time as he wouldn't sometime look over it me at if he needed to say something but went against it.

We we're just now heading to the lunch room where me and my twin separated so I could talk to Naruto in private "what's wrong" I asked looking at him as he only looked down "Naruto" I said softly and kneeled down in front of him "tell me what's wrong please" I asked, "i-im scared....I don't wanna be here with my tail out" he says while softly blushing "everyone keeps staring at it and I don't like that" he replied looking into my eyes.

"Why didn't you say anything to me then we could of called Itachi and-"

"Because you seemed ok with it and I didn't want to bother you with this problem" he says interrupting me "it's not a problem I want you to be happy and comfortable" I said as I got up and hugged him.

Naruto softly purred happily hugging me back.

Once we separated me and naru left for the cafeteria to hang out with out friends who were already at the table waiting for us.

"Yo Sasuke naruto you guys are here" dog bo- I mean kiba says waving us over "hey guys" naruto says smiling sitting down at the big table and I sat right beside him.

"It's been a while that we've hangout hasn't it" I said calmly while gaara nods in agreement.

"Let's hang out after school then" kiba says smiling as shino Pat's his head "what what happened to you guys while you where out?" Gaara asks drinking his water "oh now that you mentioned it you guys did leave early for an emergency right" kiba says, as I looked at Naruto who looked at me then we both looked at our friends "oh my brother had kids" I said shrugging "they were a bit on protective side but allowed us to be there baby sister" naruto says smiling as he holds his tail while drinking his strawberry milk.

"Waoh really how many did they have" Lee asks "2 there twins" I replied as Naruto smiles happily.

I looked threw my phone gallery fiding a picture of them "here" I said.


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