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"hello guys, i'm seph jaydon!"

"good evening, seph!" nick grimshaw beamed, adjusting his jacket as he looked over at the girl who grinned excitedly in his direction.

"it's so lovely to be here nick! thanks for having me." seph twirled her hair between her fingers as the crowd around her cheered a little.

"it's a pleasure to have you here! so let's get right into the dirty details — you said on instagram this week there's new music on the way. can you give us any information about what's to come?"

seph's smile broadened. there was nothing she loved more than talking about her music — it was her passion, her everything.

"yes! i'm so excited to share it, man. i've been writing over the past few months anyway, and i have some songs i adore recorded but there's more being written at the moment! i think i've finally found my sound and developing it is a whirlwind. it's fun and i hope you all love it like i do!"

"i can almost guarantee we will love it! any collaborations to come?"

"well i've written a song i can't share much about, which was co-written with a massive star i've been a fan and friend of for a long while. that's all i can share for now!"

"well i'm excited to hear it. there's also been a lot of buzz about your tiny scene in season two of stanger things. what was it like filming that?"

"mad honestly! it's literally like barely anything, all i do is curse once," seph paused to laugh a little, "but the set is incredible and the whole cast are absolutely phenomenal. they blew me away."

"anyone in particular on set? you're best friends with steve on the show — joe keery — right?"

"indeed i am, nick. we've known eachother forever and i absolutely love joe. he's always been a constant in my life and i'm so glad he's having so much success thanks to stranger things. he deserves it so much! he's always supported my career and i've always supported his. he's just a genuine guy, you know? he really is."

nick grinned, eyes glancing up to check the time they had remaining.

he bit his lip, "i have to ask — how do you feel about the rumours that he's dating fiona benson?"

"i mean i love you nicky, so i'll discuss it to put drama to bed. i love joe insane amounts so i just want his happiness, predominantly. to begin with rumours are rumours and may not be accurate, but everything that happened with fiona is in the past anyway and if she's changed and he has feelings for her i'm not going to stand in the way. joe deserves the world and if she's willing to give him all she can — i'm content."

"that doesn't sound like a friend talking about a mate, seph," nick was cautious of his prying questions, "anyone would think you felt more for him than friendship. i mean — even your mother seems to ship it."

seph shook her head, "everyone seems convinced of that anyway so i make little effort to filter what i say nowadays i suppose. but there's always going to be shippers and i guess my mum just likes to have a laugh and get involved. she does love joe though, probably more than she loves me."

nick nodded and smiled again at the girl, "adorable. now that's all for today — thanks to seph jaydon, princess of indie pop, for joining us today! check out her music video for 'between us' now on youtube, and we'll see you soon!"

a mess lmaoooo
the interview went okay i think so !! enjoy another update lads thank u for reading x

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