[11] Victor imagine

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"Mom it's just a little cold," you say to your panicking mother.
"I don't know mom," your younger brother Eddie drawls, "I think it might be mono."
Your mother starts to screech as you glare at your younger brother.
  "Mom like I said it's-" your brother cuts you off.
  "Mono from kissing her boyfriend."
     You hit him in the arm. Which in turn causes your mother to ground you from going out this weekend.
     You stomp upstairs like the moody teenager you are and slam your door. You had made plans with your boyfriend but now you can't go.
     You use the landline in your room to call to his but his mother picks up and tells you he's not there. Getting ready to call one of his friends but the doorbell stops you.
     You sit at the top of the steps to see Victor is the one at the door. He patiently listens to your mother rant about how he's no good and how delicate you are. He makes eye contact with you and gives you a slight nod as to say it's okay. What breaks this look of reassurance is your mother telling him to leave you alone. She then shuts the door in his face.
     You rush down the stairs to try to get to the door but your mother blocks it.
  "Why? Why would you do that!" You yell at her.
  "He's no good for you [Y/N]," she explains.
  "He made me happy! Don't you want me to be happy?" You don't wait for a reply as you storm up to room, giving your brother a glare on the way.
     Once the door is closed you lean against it and break out into sobs. It's not long before you feel arms wrap around you. You look up to Victor there.
     He holds you while you cry, gently kissing your head and whispers,
  "I'm never going to leave you."

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