[7] Patrick imagine

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It was 6:27 in the morning, just when the sky started getting brighter with the first signs of morning. Your boyfriend, Patrick, had climbed through your window into your room. Drunker then a skunk. How he managed you have no idea.
He looks over to you and opens his arms wide, "[Y/N]!"
Half asleep you rush over to him and try to hush him knowing that if your overprotective mother sees him drunk and especially in your room she will have a cow.
"[Y/N] I just wanted to say you're hot. Like fire. You're fire hot," he slurs.
"That nice Pat," you lay him on your bed and try to take of his shoes. Though it's hard when he starts ranting about you want to get freaky and he's a child of god.
Finally getting his shoes off you decide to leave the rest of his clothes on. He's quiet now but still awake staring at your ceiling.
You curl up next to him and ignore the stench coming off his breath.
He turns his head to you which causes them to knock together, but he just lays his head on top of yours anyway, "[Y/N], I'm a psychopath. I'm crazy."
You sigh, "You're not crazy, you just do crazy things."
He just sighs and nuzzles closer to you, the previous topic completely forgotten. Soon his snores fill your ears.
Knowing you won't be able to fall back asleep you start getting ready for the day. You shower, brush your teeth and change. By the time that is all done it's 7:38 and Patrick is still asleep.
Deciding to let him sleep longer you go downstairs and eat breakfast with your mother. It's 8:45 when she leaves for work.
You head back to your room and pop your head in the door to see Patrick storing in his sleep. Knowing that he's going to wake up soon you head to the medicine cabinet and get some aspirin.
Going back downstairs you also get a tall glass of water and the leftovers from breakfast. By the time you set it all down on your night stand Patrick just wakes up.
His eyes are squinted and he looks around the room, the scent of breakfast invades his nostrils and his eyes land on the plate of food. His scarfs it down and takes the aspirin and drinks the invite glass of water.
Once he is done you two cuddle up and you tell him about dumb he was being last night.
"You a child of god, ha!"

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