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Bill's POV

"See what did I tell you guys, she ditched us, she's not coming." Richie sighed frustratedly.

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up Richie." Eddie shot back tired of him speaking bad about Y/n, and so was I.

"G-guys f-fighting won't solve a-anything, l-let's just go t-to her h-house, m-maybe she f-forgot." I stopped the two from fighting, these two are always fightings.

"Oh my LORD, Bill why don't you just stop trying to defend her and open your eyes, realize that now that Zions here she is gonna stop hanging out with us, she was never meant to hang out with us, we're loser and we'll always be losers......and Y/n.....Y/n is one of them, I'm surprised she's not the one making fun of us." Richie let it all out, everyone went quiet.

"The only reason why we're not getting bullied or made fun of anymore was because of her Richie." Stan yells now backing Y/n up.

"The reason why Kevin and his idiot friends stopped messing with us was because of her." Stan continues to yell.

"Then where is she now?" Richie asked.

"I say we go to her house, I'm sure she has a good explanation for why she's late or couldn't make it last minute." Mike said, I nod.

"Yeah a good lie." Richie opens his mouth once again, I know Richie is good guy and friend I don't know why he's acting like that.

"M-Mikes right, w-we should g-go see if a-anything's w-wrong." I said Eddie nods.

"Yeah we should, maybe something bad happened." Eddie then says.

"Go ahead lover boy, all I know I'm not going, you guys can fall for her lies but I'm not." And with that he left.

I was kinda shocked I didn't know he would actually leave, I mean he did it once but after that one time I didn't think he would do it again.

"Leave him if he wants to go let him, come on guys." Stan started walking the opposite way of Richie over to Y/n's house, Ben and Mike then followed as well as me and Eddie.

I feel like Eddie likes Y/n.

I know I do, who wouldn't.

I fell for her beautiful smile and laugh.

Her laugh was cute, her big beautiful heart, she was so kind to us even when she know no one liked us.

She saw the real losers and liked them.

And also she does have a big butt, and an amazing body, come on you can't say no.

In a few minutes we were in the front of her house and Stan went over to knock on the door.

Nick opened the door saying,

"Hey guys what are you guys doing here?" He asked as he come out front and closed the door behind him.

"We came to see if Y/n was here or if anything was wrong because we were supposed to meet half an hour ago." Stan replied.

"Well that's weird, she went out a while ago to take the dog for a walk." He said looking confused.

"How long ago exactly?" Eddie asked worry in his voice, you never want to go out in Derry alone, just because It's gone doesn't mean he can for long.

We learned that the hard way.

"Like about an hour ago.....shit yeah an hour ago that's a long time, you know what I'm gonna call her." Nick looked down at his phone to see how long ago Y/n had left to take the dogs out for a walk and to call her.

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