werewolves part 2 (Daniel)

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third person pov....

Y/n held a large frying pan tight in her hands ready for whoever dare come near her. She was scared. Was this just a dream? Was she going crazy? She didn't know but she didn't like the idea of werewolves being real. As a fictional story on wattpad sure! In real life.....well that's a different story. 

After a good few minutes of holding the pan in the air Jack entered the kitchen. "Don't come any closer or I swear I'll go all Rapunzel on you!" Y/n warns ready to whack the living day lights out of Jack. Jack was a bit scared of what a girl could do with a frying pan. You would think growing up with four girls meant he at least sort of understood them, But y/n. Y/n he couldn't understand in the slightest. 

Sometimes Jack found himself wondering if y/n was even human. If she was an alien it would make so much sense. "Daniel your mate knows to much and is going crazy!" Jack yells through the house. 

Y/n could hear doors being opened and soon enough everyone was behind Jack watching y/n with careful eyes. She looks them over ready to hit all of them at any moment. Maybe it was just a dream.....But part of her didn't want it to be. 

Daniel took a step forward. "Stay back!" She tells him with a warning look. Daniel debated on listening to her harsh words for a second before deciding to risk his good looks.

"Hey calm down it will all be okay." He tells her in a soft voice taking a small step towards her. When he sees the pained look on her face he quickly takes a few more steps to her and pulls her into a hug while gently taking the frying pan from her grip.

Daniel's skin tingled from the contact with his mate. He just couldn't get enough of her. The way her eyes sparkled at the mention of 'chocolate' or the look on her face when she wanted to beat Corbyn at Mario kart. He loved it all. Every flaw everything he found it beautiful....he didn't want to have to let her go.

Daniel could feel y/n's tears soak through his t shirt, but neither of them moved. He pets her hair and whispers sweet things into her ears.

"Shhhhh think of candy corn, nutella, and chocolate." Daniel whispers to her. When I said sweet I meant literally sweet.

Eventually her tears stopped falling and she looked up at him. "I-I want to go." She said in a stern voice. Daniel felt his heart break a little at those words. She wanted to go? And leave him? He knew she was scared but did she really hate him to the point of wanting to go?

He nods his head slightly not going to tell her no. He points to the front door. "Go." He says voice cracking and all. Maybe she wasn't so perfect......

Y/n looks at Daniel's broken posture and her heart warms a bit. Maybe werewolves aren't all that bad......maybe she could live with it. She musters up all the courage she could find and grabs his hand. He turns his head to face her. He was confused. If she wanted to leave why didn't she just go?

Carefully she drags him upstairs and into his room where she plops down on his bed. "Goodnight." She mumbles rubbing her eyes and falling asleep. Daniel smiles down at his little mate.

Carefully he tucks the blankets around her and gets in the bed on the other side. He turns off the small lamp and falls asleep.


When Daniel awoke y/n was gone. He was scared. Had she left him in the night? Was she kidnapped? Did she disappear in the wind?

Daniel hurries downstairs he was about to go outside to look for her when he heard her beautiful laugh in the kitchen. Did she stay after all? Was she in love with Jack? A million thoughts went through his head as he walked into the kitchen.

Y/n stood in the kitchen making pancakes for a hungry Zach. She had agreed to make Zach pancakes as long as he would sing to her later. She loved to hear the boys voices and even if she wouldn't admit it out loud she thinks of them as angels and one of them was her angel.

Daniel smiled at the sight of his mate getting along with one of his band mates.....maybe everything would work out after all.


"And that is how your mommy and daddy fell in love." Jack tells your daughter before closing the book displaying your life story.

"Jack we left you to babysit not tell her our life story!" You protest while walking into the living room where Jack sat on the floor with your daughter. 

"Oh well." Jack says with a knowing smirk.

"I guess next time I'll have to tell them the story of you and Nikki!" You challenge. Jack's eyes go wide.

"Please don't."


Should I do a chapter about Jack being a werewolf and how he met his mate? (It would be you) so it would go along with this or na?

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