Chapter XII: Cerberus

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Within an instant, Hades was hovering several inches above the ground. His eyes alight with alien power as electricity crackled angrily around him. Pieces of the ship started flying through the room, under the power of his electrical surge.

The beast barreled toward them. Its enormity enabled it to traverse the room, which was the size of the Roman Coliseum, in only five short bounds. The creature skittered to a halt, its enormous paws just inches from Cornelia's face. She was trembling as a large gooey glob of drool landed on her foot.

She looked up. Her vision filled with six glowing red eyes each the size of her fist. Large canine teeth smashed together above her. She coughed in as the heat from the creatures noxious breath blew against her face. A growl emanated from the beast's chest, that vibrated through her armor.

Its heads alternated turns between snapping at each of them. Cornelia raised her sword shaking, her back pinned to the wall. Sweat trickled down her forehead stinging her eyes. She felt her legs buckling like gelatin under the weight of her fear.

"W-what is that?" she stammered.

"I have no fracking clue," Hades growled throwing lightning against the enormous monstrosity.

Despite his best efforts, his electricity did not affect. The beast only became more and more irate. Cornelia darted through its legs rolling behind the back ankle. She gripped her small sword with two hands an sliced hard into the creature's ankle. She felt her wrists scream at the impact. Her sword was uselessly colliding with an ankle as big around as a tree. She glanced up in the hope of some sign of pain, some inkling of weakness. There was none; It barely noticed she was there. All of its focus was on one person. That person was Hades.

Its massive jaws opened wide. All three of its heads lunged towards Hades. Cornelia screamed and covered her eyes. She shook when she heard a massive boom and felt the entire ship shudder. She felt her world end.

Then she heard another loud crash, this one much further from her. She dared herself to peek, her mind playing with her heart with terror as it created visions of a mangled Hades lying on the floor.

She blinked three times as she felt the sweet bliss of relief course through her veins. The large monster laid on its side. A large metal plate behind it was dented beyond imagination. It was a near perfect imprint of the animal molded into the floor.

Hercules was standing protectively in front of Hades. He smiled at Cornelia and winked. "Better late than never!"

She chuckled forgetting for a brief moment the terror that awaited on the other side of the room. The beast jumped up on all four paws and roared. It charged at Hercules who grabbed Hades and hurled him to the other side of the ship.

Hercules' legs clenched in anticipation of the beast his mouth in a tight and determined smile. "I missed this."

"He's your specialty. " Cornelia hollered to Hercules watching the onslaught of the Beast's charge. "Weapons do not work against him!"

"Excellent!" Was all Hercules said before he jumped high above the beast moments before it was able to impact him. Three jaws snapped at the air trying to snatch him from the trajectory. The Large canines barely missed his feet and hands as he spun through the air.

Hercules landed gracefully on the beast's back. In a smooth motion, he balanced one foot on the other on the neck of the beat and grabbed its ears and deepened his stance. His muscles tightened with the strain this petrifying game of tug of war.

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