Lost in Another World

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Today was my 14th birthday. I didn't really do much, because it was mainly a school day. A few hours after I got home, my Dad and his girlfriend came to give me my birthday presents, because my parents are divorced, and I was going to be with my mom. When I opened one of the presents, I saw that they had given Pokémon Sun. I was planning on only playing it at my dad's house, so I never played it. The next Tuesday, I went home, and unboxed the game. Being the oh-so-uncareful person I am, the game card fell out of the box and onto the ground. Almost immediately, my two cats JoJo and Stevie ran over to investigate what it was that I had just dropped. I quickly picked it up before one of them tried to eat it. They looked at me as if to beg for me to drop it so the can "play" with it. "No, you two cannot play with the game." I told them.

Stevie looked at me and gave me a "Mow." I placed the game card into my 3DS, and turned the device on. For whatever reason, my mind was making me think about a dark room with a shelf filled with some toys on it. I felt a slight headache begin to stir in my head, but I played the game anyway. Then it just started to get unbearable, like a migraine. Stevie looked at me and meowed one more time as if asking what was wrong. I started to walk to the bathroom, to pick up some naproxen for it. The image in my head kept playing too. I was moving toward a computer whilst holding a grey Meowth. It looked familiar, but I couldn't remember why. I started feeling this pain in my chest as I gave in to my migraine, collapsing on the floor. It was like something was trying to tear my conscious out of my body. Stevie was meowing in pain as she was probably going through the same thing. My family looked at me, and asked me something, but their voices had become nothing more than white noise. JoJo looked between me and Stevie, unsure as to who she should go comfort. After all, Stevie was the closest thing JoJo had to a mother. In the room, I was suddenly surrounded by blue lights in the shape of a ball, it was circling around me, spinning. I suddenly felt dizzy. The light ball-thing lifted me off the ground. It surrounded me and the Meowths entire being. The ball of energy spun faster and faster. Back in reality, my breath was starting to become heavy and staggered. My Dad ran to me and started talking to me, but the only things I could make out there was the panic in all of the white noise. In the room, I felt like I was about to faint in any second.

The giant blue ball shrank down into nothing; followed by a blinding glimmer. The next thing I knew I was flying through space. I saw Stevie by my side as I looked at the awe-inspiring shapes and colors of the different Nebulae and Galaxies I whizzed past. I grabbed Stevie as I was somehow flying past the reality of time-space. I then exited an Oval of Reality as I took in the sights of bigger and different shapes of Realities. I looked at the ever shrinking oval that was my home, and realized I had just exited the fabric of my own Universe! I looked and saw hundreds of Universal Nebulae and whatnot. I found myself charging to another oval. I was too shocked to do anything about it as I kept flying past hundreds of thousands of other realities. I plunged into the oval and as quick as I had came to this strange void, I had somehow gained so much speed, that I was sitting in the room that had somehow popped into my mind. For a solid 5 seconds Me and Stevie were looking around in the room, Until we found a version of me, unconscious with the grey Meowth from before. Then with no warning, we were zapped into the unconscious duo. I woke up on the floor. I got up, and looked at the grey Meowth, who registered in my mind as Stevie. I noticed the computer nearby was beeping, so I grabbed her, and headed over to the computer, where I met a screen that alerted me that a I was being skyped or something.

I went to the computer to see that someone called, "Kukui" was trying to video chat. When I answered, I wasn't met with a tanned guy, with a white jacket and sunglasses. He was also wearing this cap that had a Poké Ball on it. I cocked my eyebrow when I saw this, but quickly stopped. I also noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt, "Hold on just a sec here... There we go. Hey there! Good afternoon! So today's the day that you're moving to Alola, yeah?" The man asked with a wave.

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