Ch 6: What's Left?

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Izuku watched as the creature in front of him cocked it's head and just stared at him. It was several minutes before the creature started to walk towards Izuku. Meanwhile Snake was frantic as he paced back and forth to nervous to just stand. He continuously ran his long fingers through his smooth hair that was filled with oil and dirt. These past few days he was to nervous to even shower he tried to put on a good face but he was just a child on the inside, though a very demented child at that. There were two men watching along with snake.

One tall and linky only a shadow for a face with golden eyes a neatly ironed suit adorned his slim body. The man standing next to him was much shorter white hair hung down to his chin. A hand covered his face so that all you could see were two beady red eyes filled with hatred that had boiled and festered over the years. His body was thin with severed hands stuck to every part of him scabs also covered his neck and hands it was enough to make you puke. The older man from earlier watched from the cameras far away from the current location. The creature continued to just stare and slowly approach Izuku.

Izuku just stood there motionless not really caring what happened to him. The small man that was covered in hands was becoming increasingly impatient with Izuku and the nightmarish creature. "he needs to move, he needs to move, he needs to just move" The man was now murmuring and scratching him neck like a mad man. When the creature just stopped moving the small man lost what little patients he had. He ran over to the microphone and took a deep breath "JUST KILL EACH OTHER ALREADY!!!!" this command echoed throughout the arena. The creature in front of Izuku was no longer just standing around without warning it launched itself at Izuku. The small boy was to scared to react his body froze up on him. This was nothing like the sludge this thing just let a deafening scream rattling Izuku's brain.

With a single swing Izuku was slammed into the concrete below the creatures large hand restraining him from moving. Blood started to pool in Izuku's mouth he couldn't spit the crimson liquid out it burned his throught and mouth horribly. He continued to struggle trying to get away, trying to spit out the burning liquid. Yet his fragile doll like body couldn't remove the gigantic creature that weighed him down. His ribs started to crack under the pressure his arms soon following, his collar bone broke with a sharp snap. Everything looked hopeless, again it seemed as if Izuku can never get a break from this never ending hell that just keeps spiraling downward.

"w-welf...." Izuku gargled a small whimper of help out only to be fall on deaf ears. The man from earlier that had Snake shaking in terrier was becoming off-lye bored with Izuku, the small boy showed no promise,no potential at all. All he seemed to be able to do was lie there and be crushed, there was no profit to be made from the boy. The man wouldn't of normally cared but he had a nagging feeling not kill the boy just yet, but to let him live another day. The man had no idea why, though he didn't really care either. His hand lifted and he gestured for his assistant to come over the woman complied and he whispered something in her ear. Just when she was about to leave he told her something else her thin brows twisted into a knot of confusion but she just nodded her head and left.

She pressed a slender finger beside the microphone then spoke in a kind and gentle voice. " The fight has now concluded, test subject number 5T69G2 has won the boy will now be taken into the Leagues possession...that is all" the woman then cut off the microphone and went back to what she was doing previously. A high pitched sound rang through the arena bouncing off the walls it was horrible it made one want to go absolutely insane. The creature above Izuku released it's grip on the boy and mindlessly trudged over to the room it came out of. The door to the room shut and the noise cut off Izuku quickly rolled over to his side and spit out all the blood that had filled his mouth.

Izuku was panting heavily as he laid down on the cold floor. No one even bothered to get him for several hours when two men were finally sent to collect the boy he was in a deep and need sleep. At the same time Snake was placed in front of a monitor and the same man was on the screen "looks like you lost do you have anything to say?" The man asked in a calm voice. Snake took a gulp before he tried to speak he was sweating profusely and shaking like a leaf while to large men stood on either side of him. "W-well I-I-I don't w-want to die.."Snake said looking sheepishly up at the man on the monitor. The man on the monitor only waved his hand Snake instantly tried to run he was scared he didn't want to die.

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