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text messages
[between luke and seph]

so i take it you didn't tell him

i couldn't
luke, i think it's already too late
what if he's falling in love with her? i can't lose him to her

he's known her for what, like three weeks? he's not going to have fallen in love with her, babe
you need to be honest with him
this bitterness and envy is only going to destroy you and eventually your friendship with him
i'm almost certain he feels the same, deep down, but is repressing it for the same reason you are — fear of no reciprocation

yeah but what if you're wrong
what if he doesn't love me
and he is falling in love with her
and things become weird when i open up about my feelings
what if THAT destroys our friendship

then that's his loss
that's his fault
it's a risk worth taking because otherwise you'll never know what could really have happened between you two
and even if he was to not feel the same — which is insanely unlikely — he still adores you he'd never let it ruin your friendship

luke walsh, you are a life saver and i adore you
thank you so much for this
i really needed it
i do need to be honest with him, i'm just terrified to actually do it

of course you are, that's inevitable
but i promise you that you won't regret it, seph
and i'm always here — you can always come to me with these things
i know we just met but we get along so well and i want the best for you
and i'm convinced this is what's best

love you lots
thank you again
i'll keep you updated xxx

you better!!!
and yes they are, im well aware hahah
now have a good day, woman up and go get ur man x


AW i love luke so much . my new favourite character hahah
last update for tonight hope u enjoy x

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