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Tommy's POV

It was 12 o clock at night and I was walking home from Nick's house after shredding with Ashley, Jon, Uni and Nick. Cory was playing with his girlfriend Shelby and Dawn was making games for us to play. I was kinda wierd, usually Cory would drive me home but he wasn't there. When I at a street next to mine, I noticed a shadow that didn't look like mine. In fact, it look like Nick, my boyfriend. I have gotten courius why he was here and then my vision went black and I felt pain in my head.

Time skip brought to you by Frozres

I woke up in a random bed. I tried to move but my hands and feet were tied up to rope. I looked around and saw a red room. 'This is totally not Nick's room. Vright Vright so I need to get out of here before the kidnapper comes.' I thought. I struggle through the rope but that didn't work. I kept struggling until someone came into the room "finnily, you're up." He said. I recognized his voice. That voice was Dres, the one who had a crush on me. I kept struggling and struggling. "You won't get out." Dres said. I heard footsteps walking towards me. "What do you want?" I asked. "To be with you and only you." Dres answered getting on the bed. "You'll become mine and I won't hurt your friends. Deal?" Dres asked. "Never." I said. "You don't have a choice." Dres said and went on top of me. He went for my neck and started kissing it until he found my Adam's apple (IDK what it's called.).He started kissing and sucking it (I feel dead inside for writing that.). I moaned at that knowing that was all I could do. He grab one of my legs and pulled so that my leg was on his back. He left my neck alone and started to kiss me. I felt a chill ran down spine as his tongue went into my mouth and explored my mouth. He put his hand under my shirt and started running his hand all over my back and face. 'Someone get me out of here.' I thought. He lift up my shirt but not taking it off. He kissed my chest leaving hickies on my chest. He went back to my neck. I wish Dres was Nick.

Time Skip Brought to you by Jory

Nick's POV

It has been 3 days since Tommy had shown up. I'm freaking out where Tommy could be. Tommy hasn't be calling or texting. I was getting curious if Dres kidnapped Tommy. Today was the day that I would follow Dres home to make sure he haven't taken Tommy. Cory and Dawn put cameras where Dres would walk. Ashlie was going to look at the cameras while Uni, Dawn and I would spy on Dres when he was walking to his housing.

Time Skip brought to you by Skybop

It was late at night and Dawn, Uni and I saw that Dres was walking inside his house. We hide in one of his bushes. Dres walked into another room that already had the lights on. We all heard Tommy's voice saying "Why won't you let me go?". Then we heard moaning. I have gotten angry and banged on the door without thinking twice. I heard Dres leaving the room and opening the door. " Yes?" He asked. I punched him in the face knocking him out. I ran inside looking for the room Tommy was in. I found him on the bed with him hands and feet tied together. "TOMMY" I yelled. I let him lose and hugged him. "Nick, thank goodness you came." Tommy said excited. "What happened Tommy." I asked still hugging Tommy. "Dres kidnapped me and stated making out with me. He said he wasn't going to hurt you guys if I don't become his." Tommy answered. I smashed my lips on to Tommy's lips. He kissed back. Uni and Dawn were in the room smiling that they saw Tommy again. The police came and arrested Dres. All Dres could do was curse. Cory and Ashlie came a few a minutes later. I was finally happy knowing that my Tommy was here right besides me.

Hey Lovers. I am so sorry this one shot came out late. I took me forever. I will be doing Mithross first, then I'll be doing your requests. I am going to be publishing on a day. Not a lot to say today. Luna out.

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