Challenge? Okay

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" I got this

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" I got this...

1. I can't choose a favoourite but if I had to I would choose Marinette or Springtrap or Funtime Foxy or Lolbit or Nightmare or Nightmare Fredbear...It hurts so much" Head stings a bit.

I actually can't decide which one sorry.

"2. My least favourite would be monster Vinne, obviously..."

 "3. The scariest jumpscare is when you make Nightmare mad because it looks flipping terrifying..."  

"4. Fnaf 3. It was so much fun wandering around the haunted attraction" 

"5. ME!!"

"6. Mangle obviously"

"7. TOAST I don't eat lemons"

"8. Markiplier"

"9. William Afton!!! He is the guy who kills"

"10. I love both!!!" Luna concludes as Marinette gives her hug then says.

"Hey, your not going to school tomorrow..." Luna cheers " did you eat all the ice cream?"

"You used the sweet then sour trick"

"Yes I did..." A horrifying look came onto Marinette's face "..did you eat all the ice cream?"

"No, bet Nightmare did though..."

"Good point, bye" Marinette left and Luna grabbed an ice cream container out from under the couch and started eating the rest of the ice cream, Marinette re enters the room and says.

"Oh, shut up and give me some I'll punish you tomorrow"

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