Lies [Karma Ending]

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Please read Lies Part 1 & 2 before continuing to the ending.

I have a flute test coming up and so this gives me less time to write fanfiction and I need to practise more. Please bear with me until November 20th. I hope you understand


"How about you choose one of us?" Isogai suggested.

"I like one of you too.... I choose...."


Your head was spinning with thoughts, looking around the room you made eye contact with the red head.

His eyes however, seemed serious. It was intimidating. His eyes seemed to say, "Choose me."

Stuttering, you spoke slowly, "I-I c-choose.. K-Karma..." you looked down at your feet. Karma pushed away from the crowd and walked towards you smiling.

"I know you would choose me." he smirked.

The class disbanded and went back partying leaving you two along. In the inside they felt heartbroken as you had no chosen them. However, as long as you were happy they were too.

"H-How did you know?!" you gasped.

"Baka!" he flicked your forehead, before grabbing your arm and dragging you towards the woods.

"Where are we going?"

Karma continued to pull your arm as he navigated his way through the forest. Snapping branches and twigs. Pushing some vines, was now a beautiful view. The grew leaf view was replaced with the view of Japan.

Birds flew in a V shape as they flew to their homes. It was a very beautiful sight. You had never seen something amazing like this in a long time, you were lost for words.

"Isn't this beautiful?" Karma spoke.

"Yeah it sure is...."

You both sat down on the cliff edge watching the view silently, enjoying the moment together.

"Uhh Karma we're on a cliff won't we fall?"

"Before Koro~sensei passed away, I asked him to build supports for this cliff."

"Wow you really thought ahead."

Your hands entwined with his. Leaning your head against his chest you continued to admire the beautiful view. You could see your apartment, this was one of the best things owning a mountain.

"Do you want a kiss?" Karma questioned.

"Wow, straight forward."

"No, I really mean it." the boy put his hand in his pocket and bought out two chocolate kisses.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" you shrieked.

"(y/n) I've never had a birthday kiss, my first kiss or a christmas kiss. I had a chocolate kiss and it was fabulous."




Each of my character endings are coming out. I'm Sorry IF yOUR bbY isOgaY is Coming OUt in DEceMbER.


Fact: Most of my oneshots are based on real life stories that have happened (not to me), video and clips. I just alter them and make it my style lol.


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