Lust E.D

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(Ethan pov)
Babygirl get up I made breakfast for us she wakes up and looks down at my boxers then she licks her lips which got me horny ASF but she need food and rest cause today is are fuck day so she needs all her energy.

(End of POV)

(YN of POV)
I woke up so fucking horny I just look at his boxer's and I grab that dick and the funny thing is he got hard but said u have to eat first and looked at him and said but you  are my breakfast I want daddy in my but cum in my mouth and put the breakfast next to the bed and said eat then daddy can check u out and walk down the hallway so I ate the pancakes and stuff and put on some sex clothes with regular clothes on and said I was leaving but Ethan ran outside and where you going and I said to the store to get pads and he said I know your not on your period cause you would make me go and I said I have things to do and he said k and I'm going let me get my shoes and soon he went into the house I pulled off and want to Grayson house but he's out of town and let me use the key to do things I need to if Ethan being an ass and it's knock on the door I opened it and it was a pissed off Ethan he pulled the clothes I had on off and seen the lingeria I had on and said let's go now and I walk outside with my clothes in my hands and was about to get the car  but Ethan said I'm driving and fucking u the whole way home and I said umm.... Ohk and that's what we did.


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