Forgotten [Karma Akabane]

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Karma x Fem! Reader

(Your child is a boy so it fits with the plot. He is called Mizuki) Its easier cause he'll appear a lot.


You sat in your seat, tapping your feet against the ground. Feeling very impatient.

The door opened with Karma entering. He had a tired expression on his face.

"Karma!" you rose up from your seat. Walking towards the male. He slowly walked towards you.

You hugged him and burried your face into his chest. However, something irritated you.

He had the sent of somebody's perfume. You knew he didn't like visiting cosmetic shops.

He pulled away from the hug, slowly walking towards your room and locking it. Recently, Karma had been more distant.

Spending less time with you. This could be solved but you were pregnant with his child. You wanted to tell him but for the past 2 weeks, he changed.

Ignoring you, less communication. Prehaps was he falling out of love with you?

Maybe it was time to end things. It was better. Karma walked out of his room, in a new change of clothes. Where was he going this time?

You tugged his sleeve, looking into his eyes. His eyes had dark circles from the activities he did. His face was more pale.

"I-I think we should break up," you bluntly spoke holding back the tears.

Karma's eye widened in surprise, "I-I'm so close to-"

"cheating with me," you hastily finished his sentence.

"You don't get it."

"Yes, I don't. Those different perfume scents. 'Over night working shifts.' Stop lying."


"We're over."

"I know you're with another girl, I'm pregnant with this other man's child." you lied.

The lie had hurt him and you deep down inside.

That night you couldn't think straight. You went over to your friends house explaining and slept over. The next day in your apartment, all his belongings were gone. Not a single trace.

It was as if, he erased his existence.

You sat on the bed, silently weeping. It was better for you and him to be apart. But you felt empty inside. His unusual red hair, his mischievous personality.

Clutching your stomach. What were you going to tell your child? How would they learn the truth of their father?


6 years later
You packed the last box, taping it up. Looking around the room to see if anything needed to be packed.

The room once filled with furniture was now plain and hollow.

"Mum! What is this?" your son asked you.

He was holding a picture frame of you and Karma in the Class E building. You had graduated and you were shining bright.

"U-Uh... Mum who is he exactly?"


"T-This is your father." You choked as you tried to hold back your tears.

"D-Dad... Where is he?"

"He uhh... You know what, finish packing up your room. Aunty, Yui will be here soon.

Your son ran out of the room.

Prehaps it was time to tell him the truth. The lies you've told him. The bell rung, indicating Yui was here.

Yui was your good friend in high school, Class B. She helped you and Karma get together. She was sad when you broke up with him, by respected you.

You haven't contacted her after graduation because you were busy. Recently, you wanted to buy a new house. She worked at a agency and was able to help you.

You wanted to move out of Tokyo to another place. It was time for a change of scenario, and this house was lonely. It gave you unpleasant memories.

You walked towards the door opening it. Yui had a big smile on her face. "Auntyyy Yuiii," your son cried out as he hugged her.

"Mizuki you've grown a lot. You look a lot like your father."

You glared at Yui, not to mention the topic. She gave you a reassuring look. Patting Mizuki on the head.

It was true Mizuki reassembled Karma. His hair was read and eyes were gleaming with yellow. Karma but in a smaller version. He personality was kind, just like you.

"I need to show you something," Yui whispered. You nodded telling Mizuki to pack up other objects.

You walked out of the house, there was a small sign saying the house was for sale. Next to it was the man you thought you would never see.

Karma Akabane.

How long had it been you saw him. His eyes. Heard his voice. Laughed with him.

"W-What is he doing here?" you gasped.

You and Yui walked towards Karma who was standing looking at the neighbourhood.

"Hello, Miss." Karma spoke turning around with a grin on his face.


"Akabane. Please call me Akabane. You remind me of somebody who use to call me that. I can't remember."

"Miss, I will be buying your house."

You looked at Yui. What happened to Karma?

"Karma... Seriously, I'm so sorry for hurting you."

"You never did hurt me miss, but I feel like we have a connection."


"I woke up one morning in a white gown. People with masks telling me it was okay, I couldn't remember anything."


"Anyways, what's matter is the present. You're very beautiful miss."

"Yui, doesn't he remember me?"

The female, bowed her head down with a grin expression, "After your break up or fight. Karma ran away, he was in a car accident.

You see, he never intended to hurt you. He was trying to buy you a ring, hence the over night shifts. Trying to find the perfect perfume as a gift for you.

You took it wrong. Karma didn't speak up because he didn't want you to know.

On that night, he his head into the car and the driver was unconscious. Karma was taken to hospital and has been there ever since the accident."

"I-Is it true?!"

"Miss what's everything okay? You looked trouble." This didn't sound like Karma at all.

"He has, he has.. "

Yui nodded.



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