Blast To The Past- Lloyd

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Lloyd- 6  Y/N- 6

"Come on sissa! Let's play!" Lloyd smiled as he grabbed your hand.

You and Lloyd played for while till your mom and uncle came out. Misako grabbed Lloyd, and your uncle took you.

"No! Sissa! I won't leave her!" Lloyd screamed as Misako took him.

"Lloyd you have to go to Darklys, Y/N will be fine."

"No bubba!" You cried as you were taken from your twin by your uncle.

Both of you were separated, one longing to be with the other.

The only thing that kept you going was this picture.

The only thing that kept you going was this picture

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You were 5 in this picture. You were very happy for picture day that's why you both looked out of it.

You hugged this close, "I'll see you again."


Hey guys!

Lloyds is so sad😔.

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