Blast To The Past- Zane

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Zane- (Idk) Y/N- 9 months

"Zane. Look what I found." His father said coming in with a bundle in his arms.

Zane looked at the small bundle and he was given it.

He opened the blanket and saw E/C eyes looking up at him.

He smiled and rocked you a bit. "She is so adorable."

"Since she has no home. Say hello to your baby sister Zane."

"We can keep her?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes Zane. She looks to he about nine months. But she doesn't have a name."

"I like Y/N." She smiled softly.

"Sounds perfect."

You yawned softly, "Sleepy little Y/N." Zane smiled, pulling you close kissing your cheek.

He would always protect you, his little sister.

He would always protect you, his little sister

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