{6} Battle Trial

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The next day

**Third person POV

so normal the students of class 1-A thought as they listened to the English lesson, taught by present mic. Before noon they have normal lessons like any other school, but after noon they have their daily foundational heroics studies taught by the number one hero, All Might

After lunch

"IT'S ME!..." the students suddenly here a loud booming voice "THROUGH THE DOOR, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!!" All might gloriously dashed into the class room. 

"I can't believe it! All might's really gonna be teaching us!!"

"That design's so silver age! That art style clashes so much it's giving me goosebumps"

"I want Aizawa-sensei's class" [m/n] mumbled, [m/n] was excited to have all might as a teacher, but not nearly as much as the others.

"Foundational hero studies! For this class, we'll be building up your hero foundation through various trials! Let's jump right in with this!!!" he pulled out a card with battle written boldly on it "THE TRIAL OF BATTLE"RIP Midoriya-san [m/n] thought to himself "And to go with your first battle... we've prepared the gear we had you send in request forms to match your quirks!" then the walls opened up and brought out the students uniforms

"Our battle gear!!"


"Get changed and we'll be ready to go! Everyone gather at grounds B! The grab you bring into battle is vitally important, Boys and Girls!! And don't forgot! from now on out, YOU'RE ALL OFFICIALLY HEROES!!" 

After everyone changed [m/n] was jogging out into the battle ground along with Midoriya. 

"All right! Let's see what your made of, you embryos!! It's time for the trial of battle!!!" All might announced  

This is [m/n]'s hero costume, expect instead of a holder for the katana, it's his Sai, a belt thingy were he can keep his Sai, and other equipment

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This is [m/n]'s hero costume, expect instead of a holder for the katana, it's his Sai, a belt thingy were he can keep his Sai, and other equipment. 

"Ah! Deku! [n/l/n]! Cool costumes!" Uraraka complemented the two

"Uraraka.. whoa!!" Midoriya blushed, luckily it wasn't very visible through the mask

"I wish I'd drawn my request sketch a little better... my costume came out a bit puffy" She sheepishly scratched the back of her neck

"Heroics is the greatest." Mineta gave a thumbs up

All might then began explaining to the class that statistically most villain attacks happen indoor I hear that [m/n] thought to himself. The students would be doing a two on two team battle indoor, one group being the heroes the other being villains, the teams would be chosen by drawing lots

"Let's begin!" All might announced "Oh! And due to the uneven number, one team would have 3 people"

The teams:

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