I love my family, I love my life, I love my friends, and I love sex...oh yeah with my vamp. ex-bf6

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Wow I can't believe that Debra is pregnant. And if she haves this child it's going to be all kinds of hell. But of course I wasn't going to tell her jackass of a boyfreind that. I hate that guy after he got here Debra pushed me away like a stack of bricks. But every night I see her in her room. And her dumm boy friend still doesn't know. I would know if he did I can read minds. Thats how I found out that he was a vampire. OH! and his desire for Debra it was way past the desire a human 18 year old would have.

After telling that bastard I was a vampire. All I could do was laugh he had suck a shocked look on his face after I told him that I was a vampire. But I'll check on Debra later. I just couldn't believe Andy told Debra that he was a vampire though a mastake and thats what made her made at him. while I told her with a sit down and she was shocked at first but then she under stood and we're great friends till this day. True I wish we were more and that one night of passion was great She's just too much in love with Andy. For now.


I can't believe Debs is prego.

" debra how did this happen. I mean when."

" well the doctor told me that I'm 8 weeks so It must have been the day I had the fight with Andy." wait now I'm confused

" so wait you told me that day you all so had sex with Christian because he was conforted you."

" omg I forgot about that so is Andy really the father" I heard jak said

" yes of course, I think, OH. MY. GOD. what if Andy isn't the father, what if christian is. how am I suppose to explain this to my mom that her eightteen year old daughter is pregnant. Oh and to make things better it might not be andy's it might be Christians because every night when you go to sleep he comes in my room through my window and we talk-" Debra sobed

" execpt for that night were you did alot more" Jak said so was not the right time for her to crack a sex joke

" exactly"

" It's going to be ok debs they're going to understand and your going to have the baby and if they don't you can come live with me in my condo"

" but linda what if Andy brakes up with me after he finds out the baby might not be his" and all I could do was confort her because in the end what if all the things she worried about ends up happening she needs to know that I will be there for her.


"but linda what if Andy brakes up with me after he finds out the baby might not be his" what I couldn't believe this I love Debra and I was going to take of our child but what does she mean the baby might not be mine and it might be Christians if thats dudes name I mean does Debra know that dudes a vampire. and does he know that the baby might be his. I dought it though and I'm not going to be the one to tell him and I'm not going to be mad at debra because of a stupid mustake I have to be there for her and even if the baby isn't mine I will love her and it even if it's father is a complete ass.

" Andy, ANDY!" I turned to see Debra stareing at me with confusion and sadness in her face she must think I'm mad at her but I'm not I'm mad at that ass for possibly geting her pregnant.

" Oh, yes babes."

" you know don't you? you heard me didn't you?"

" sadly, yes and I understand it was my fault I shouldn't have got you up set and because I did he was there to confort you and now your in this predicament"

" oh, please don't blame your self this all my fault I'm the slut that could be pregnant from either her boyfriend or her best friend" she was beating her self up about this

" you know what I'm not haveing it I'm just going to go to the clinic and get this removed" Oh no she definately could not do that

'" no you can't do that. you can't kill my child. Even if it could be that asses."

" Chill Andy it's about a chance of my nefue of being Christians as hell freezing over." Jacklin said be hind me god some times I want to strangle that girl but she'll help protect and support Debra so I have to like her to.

" well babes I'll meet up with you later and we're going to talk this over because your not going to kill my son or daughter." and all she did was grin and whispered" thank you" then I walked away.


How could he be so understanding! He's so wonderful! I love him but I have this feeling that with this baby is nothing but trouble and I don't know what to do about it.

I can't give it away for adoption. And I can't have an abortion. I think the only thing left is to wait it out and see. I just left for class and for the rest of the day I just thought about the baby and me and Andy and for some reason Christian.

After school I just went home and cuddled up in my room. Before I could notice I heard christian.

" So your not with Andy right now I here ice cracking" he was so funny when he wanted to be all I could do was smile

" ooo. a smile, am I right?!?"

" no your not right for your information. and he's actually really open to it." I don't know how to say it so I just blurted it out.

" Christian, the baby might not be andys baby"

" then who's baby it might be?"

" yours" and I saw confusion and shock flash across his face


hows Christian going to react?!?

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