Ice Cream

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Beatrice's POV:
I opened the comic book and began to read it. I scoffed. "Vampires? Come on." I said. Sam was right. This comic was pretty scary. I got on edge and walked out onto the balcony outside of my bedroom. The boardwalk was below and I could see the comic book shop from here. "Beatrice. Time for lights out." Dad said. I turned around and said "ok. I'm going right now." He walked out of my room and closed the door. I closed and locked the balcony doors and I noticed someone across the way. Sam. He waved at me like an idiot. I giggled and waved back. I turned out my lamp and laid down. I didn't finish the comic. I hoped tomorrow would be a little bit better than tonight, considering I was cornered by two boys in a comic book shop. Not that it was bad but it was a little weird.


I woke up at around noon and headed downstairs. I figured my dad went out to find a job. There was a knock on my door and I opened to reveal Sam. "Did you just wake up?" He asked me. I nodded and shook out my curly hair. I was in shorts and a tank top. "Oh well I wanted you to come and meet my brother. And my mom. And my grandpa." He said. I giggled and said "you're whole family?" "Yeah." He replied. I walked away from the door and he followed me to the kitchen. "Woah. Your house is a lot bigger than mine. Do you have any siblings?" Sam asked. I sighed and said "it's just me and my dad. My mom died a few years ago. I'm an only child." Sam frowned and said "I'm sorry." I shrugged and said "it's ok. Let me change and then we can go over to your house." I went upstairs and changed, following Sam to his house. As we approached his house, a husky came running towards Sam. "Nanook!" Sam said as he hugged the dog. "He's so pretty." I said. Sam smiled really big and said "Nanook meet Beatrice." I patted the dogs head and followed Sam into the house. "Michael! Can you come down a minute?" Sam yelled into the house. An older boy came down the stairs, sighing obnoxiously. "What?" He said. His hair was curly and a lot longer than Sam's. "I wanted you to meet our neighbor. Beatrice." Sam said. Michael looked me up and down and said "hi." "Hi." I replied. A woman came into the room and she noticed Michael standing on the staircase. "Michael I was just coming to wake you up. And who's this?" "Mom, this is Beatrice. She just moved in next door." Sam replied. "Well I'm Lucy. You're welcome anytime you want." She said as she walked away. I smiled and Sam quickly ran after her and asked her something. I felt Michael's eyes on me and a small blush crept on my face. "Have you been to the boardwalk yet?" Michael asked. I nodded and said "yeah. I met Sam there last night." "Did you meet Edgar and Alan?" He said. I sighed and said "what's up with those guys?" "You'll see." Michael said as he walked past me. I furrowed my eyebrows and Sam walked back into the room. "I'm going to the boardwalk later, wanna come?" Sam asked. I nodded and said "yeah. Do you think we can do something other than sitting in the comic book shop?" "Well yeah we could but I gotta get a new comic. Edgar and Alan let me take whatever I want. They seem to like you, maybe they'll let you too." Sam replied. I shrugged and didn't say anything.


The sun had set. And Sam and I were headed for the boardwalk. The same biker guys from last night were there, walking through the crowd. Sam and I entered the comic book shop and he went looking for his next comic. I stood next to him and Alan and Edgar approached me at the same time. I furrowed my eyebrows and they looked at one another. "Notice anything unusual in Santa Carla yet?" Alan asked me. I shrugged and said "it's a pretty cool place for a weirdo." "Or a vampire." Edgar replied. Sam smiled and said "are you guys sniffing old newsprint or something?" Alan and Edgar glared at him.

 Sam smiled and said "are you guys sniffing old newsprint or something?" Alan and Edgar glared at him

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