How the confess their love

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Julian: He stammers...a lot. He has mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness so, these emotions clash into each other leaving julian stammering. He flushes red "What I'm trying to say is...I love you!" he crosses his arms. It's an adorable sight you must say.

Asra: He tries to act all sly and smug, but in the's earthquakes and landslides. His smooth voice sometimes cracks, and he bites his lip and plays with his thumbs. He eventually gives up and tells him that he loves you, of course you smile and kiss his nose. --Asra.exe is not working.

Nadia: Why even bother. She doesn't like confessing feelings or talking about them. Well, when you first meet of course. She eventual begins to warm up to you and she confesses by her actions and not her words. She would usually say that she loves you in a sentence without actually saying it like--"I really enjoy your company."

Portia: Why be shy when you could just flat out say it? Portia usually just says what's on her mind and flat out tells you. If she is feeling bold enough, she'll give you a kiss on the corner of your mouth or hits for the jack pot and kisses your lips

Muriel: This sweet teddy bear just writes you a long note with his feelings spilled onto it. He can't stop thinking about, usually plays with his thumbs or takes a walk in the woods. You think it's cute, so you decide to write a letter to him back, spilling your feelings onto it too.

Lucio: He needs to chill, he would dip you like in those romance movies and give you a passionate kiss on the lips. He would then pull away and say "I love you my dear~" giving you a kiss on the hand and trails them up to your neck.

Valerius: Eh...he is very bottled up about his feelings. He never really shows any sign of him liking you. But he sometimes offers
a little stroll in the Garden or to join him with a game of chess. It won't be long untill he tells you, it just takes time.

That's all for tonight, I tried XD

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